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  1. No, the rug under the bench is from Melon. it's only 1L$ you can buy it here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/malone-morrow-rugs-gift/12869423 and the big one is from MINIMAL Chester set.
  2. I've been playing this game for 6 years now and I'm still in silver division xd the music and the video oh dear god It gets me so hyped that I have login and play 3 - 4 matches to get out of my system! min 1:29 ❤️ AND also min 1:29 ❤️
  3. We're trying to make mainland great again 🙌
  4. Welcome back, you don't know me but I so love your posts in here, glad to see you posting again ^^
  5. These houses looks a lot like the old lindens home, I actually like them, wish they at least update them, if they do I would get a house there right away.
  6. When patch and the rest of the lindens and moles were talking about the next linden home themes, they all agreed that theme number 8 is their favorite and i have a feeling or at least I hope it's an urban theme, 'cuz I think they said it's different from all other themes, so urban theme is coming and that's what i want.
  7. Yes that's weird, I edited with the filtered word.
  8. I was flying around the snow lands and one of the streams was all about Christmas, I didn't like the songs they were playing but I saved it in a notepad in case I'll need it sometime, and I guess I saved it for you : b You might like the stream so there you go : http://christmas.allchristma*****sradio.com:8000/stream/4/?icy=http the filtered word is: hits
  9. I highly recommend buying the new bed and bench from Loft&Aria at Uber event, it's totally worth the lindens.
  10. Me and my two RL sisters and cousin registered on the same day back in 2009, we were so noob, one of us was wearing a shoe on her head, and the other was wearing a billboard as a dress, and none of us know how to remove it, we spent a month or so in SL life then we all quit the game. years later I created a new account ( this one ) and started playing since then, my sisters and cousin still interested but they don't have computers that can handle SL but they will join again someday as they say all the time.
  11. Loving this new neon sign from Moss&Mink at the current K-pop event, I feel like my TV is hearting me lol I'm gonna replace them with some plants but until I find the perfect plants, I'll leave it like this.
  12. I spend a lot of money on this game, but I'm cheap when it comes to name changing, it's really not worth the price!
  13. How I love this game and its Music, I feel so peaceful just walking around, sometimes I don't do the missions I just like to explore this beautiful world, this game is my therapy!
  14. in your "about land" go the sound tab and check the: restrict sound objects to this parcel. this will stop any outside sounds, you won't hear anything that is outside your parcel.
  15. Thank you, it's more fun for you to explore and discover it by yourself right? 😜
  16. Don't get fooled by the picture I tried to get a nice angle 😛 oh and yes, I am having so much fun, I own the land in front of it too and I'm gonna make it for public as well, most of the sedge area are public places and people there are very nice, hope you enjoy your tour around, and I welcome any feed back/ suggestions ^^
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