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  1. I tried add paypal to my secondlife info. it wont let me because of bank is not verified. So I went to paypal to try get link my bank to paypal. It keep fail to contacted because I don't have cell phone. It keep asking for code that they send to phone number which is my line phone not cell phone. I never have any cell phone in whole my life. And not plan to get one.

    I don't know what else to do

  2. Probably you guys "not again other person have question Tilia" 

    I spend 3 month to try figure how hell can I send my Tilia $110 USD to my paypal then bank account. I tried search for all 3 month after process takes 5 days. then... where is button to send paypal? I'm still wait.

    (image of balance)

    I think I'll shut down my shop and stop selling if it's impossible to get $ out tilia... It say it have all info it need for tilia. That's great... 

    (image of proof tilia have all info it needs)
    Then what now? How do I get it out into paypal? 

    Tilia sucks! I miss old day i remember many year ago. simple process to get money out.

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