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  1. Why? I'm not trying to sell anything. As already mentioned, I simply want to present something innovative and that probably has never been done before in SL. Someone understood it, someone else seems to be doing everything to discredit this post with pretexting arguments. I just hope it isn't intentional.
  2. Simply because any other existing system that I know of does not work inside SL, it requires the player to open a browser or another program outside the SL viewer and this distracts a lot of attention towards the event, whatever it is, that is taking place inside the game.
  3. Ok, I have removed all references to my club and the only video I have left is taken from my personal Facebook profile, but in this way I am afraid that I will truly be the only one who understand what I am talking about. I'm working alone on this project, my only intention is to make known what I managed to do. I still have no clear ideas on what future it will have, it works very well but it is not yet a "package" that can be sold, rented or even simply shared, and requires a dedicated server with a CPU powerful enough to perform a video conversion in real time and sufficient internet b
  4. I'm sorry Gadget Portal but if you think this is a club adversiting you didn't understood at all what I wrote.
  5. The links refer to videos and pics taken durng the events and published on Facebook, DreamVision do not relay on Facebook or any other video streaming platform but I configured a private server able to receive a rtmp streaming from a PC and convert it in real time in a format compatible with SL. To be more clear I usually use Virtual DJ or OBS to generate the rtmp video streaming, but it's possible to use any other software capable to generate it.
  6. I have created a system capable of streaming video in real time in SL, I mean that all people see exactly the same thing regardless of when they activated media, exactly as it happens for audio streaming. A recent version SL viewer is required (tested with the official viewer, Firestorm and Black Dragon). The installation of any software or plug-in on the PC is not required and there is no need to use any script in SL, simply set the parameters of the media in the parcel and the video will be displayed on all surfaces that use the set texture. I have been using this system successfully in
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