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  1. So I've been around for a few months but I still need to learn tons, and this is one of them as I was told it was possible but wasn't told how. I bought a very cool AO bento that is perfect. Well, nearly perfect. I hate the run because it looks extremely goofy. I have another, older AO that has a good run though. Is it true that is is possible to extract that movement from the old AO and put it in the new one? If so how in the world is it done? If you have the time could you explain it as simple as possible and in "newbie" terms I would appreciate it even more because then I'd have a higher chance of understand it!
  2. Hi. ( ^_^)/ Second Life is so big and I know trying to find spots on my own might take short of an eternity, so I thought I would post here. I'm looking for sims that have games, any kind of games be it racing, shooters, whatever. As long as it can be played solo by me OR gaming with strangers in encouraged (I don't have any SL buddies yet). I did find a little sim that had board games but it seemed everyone came there in already established groups and wouldn't let me in on their games 🤷 So any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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