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  1. This beutiful land in Dozer are now for sale. Water on two sides, one is protected waterfront with sunset. Quiet area and low lagg. Abandonded land on two sides. 5.888 squaremeters, price 99.000 Lindens or suggest a price, no scam offers please, this is a very nice land, with sailable water. Parcel capacity: 2.021 prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dozer/12/159/24 The photos are taken with drawdistance 496, windlight: Coastel afternoon The prims on land are not for sale, contact me please before buying so I can take away non copable prims, thank you
  2. Cuddles Bay URL to visit Cuddles Bay Lately I started to visit my friends wonderful beach, Cuddles Bay, a beach to feel free, relax, surf on the waves or just enjoy staying with friends
  3. Hi everyone that reads this. I am rather new in SL, but I read the forum everyday and this is one of my favourite topics. I am sure many of you know about this place, but I love beeing here and spending my time before I log out from SL. I am talking about Waterfall of Dreams, so butiful so relaxing athmosphere and I just love it ❤️ And when it is so athmospheric I also need to dress a bit special 😏 If anyone know about another place similar to this, please let me know 😊 Hugs Diddi
  4. This wonderful parcel is located in the quiet and relaxed area Draffioni. Linden water that you can sail on. The objects that are on the land you can keep or return. Region capacity 703. Price is L$9.750 (L$ 4.8/m²). Can also be rented for L$ 750 /week.
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