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  1. ops.. was my fault but ok also might help .. thank you ALL guys...
  2. ok so far so good .. then i wasn't that wrong with what i knew ... but look at the POINT in my REGION what is available for sale .. I didn't quite understand the explanation how to find a land on the MAP that is for sale .. and as I suspect you can't just expand the SPACE you have acquired to MAIN LAND .. if I look around like that that means BEFORE .. BEFORE if I increase to 2048 I would first have to give up this 1024 as I said ???? !!
  3. hello .. i would like to increase the prims for my mainland is that possible .. because i can't find anything like this. and if I bought the 1024 and again USD 7.00 / month 1.024 = 2048 then I would have to cancel my current 1024 mainland beforehand so that I can purchase a 2048 mainland ?? questions about questions ... I thank the support in advance for the useful answer CHLOE
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