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  1. I apologized in the message. I use a translator.
  2. No. I wrote that I sold Linden on the 22nd (December 22) and I was interested in holiday dates when people do not work in this country.
  3. I know that. I wanted to clarify the dates of holidays-weekends. I'm from a different country and we have completely different days.
  4. Hello. I apologize in advance for not knowing anything (in particular working days and weekends). I sold l$ 22 on the 22nd at 10pm. Usually the time before the money appears on my PayPal takes about 2 days. But not this time. Today is Friday, and next week is new year's and I'm out of money. I have only myself to blame. What is my question: how long will they go? What days are considered non-working days? In Internet many different information, someone writes, that with 25 December on 3 January holidays, someone writes that output only 25 number of (and Saturday with Sunday, of course), but then why such a delay? Thank you in advance. 🥰
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