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  1. Have you ever wanted to work with a dynamic group of people who know whats what about being in a club. Well look no further Unveiled Ballroom and Gardens have just that , our staff if filled with over a decade of knowledge and even have awards to back that up. So even if you've never worked before but now have a desire to give it a go, why not hit us up and let us show you how you can make enough money in a weeks time to pay tier and go on those lavish shopping sprees with out ever touching your RL wallet. We have host boot camp coming up with our superb Host Manager Ashy in January 16th or 21st at 5-7pm slt and a DJ boot camp coming up January 13th or the 19th with our own DJ Gunner 4-6pm SLT. Please contact Ashnea Resident (host) or Gunnerreiten Resident (DJs) for more information. They will also be allowing clubs to come in and recruit Needed staff during these times for a 100L fee. Let them show you how to make those ladies swoon or those guys beg for your hand because at Unveiled Ballroom and Gardens we dont just play music we live it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/La Luna Falls/17/57/22
  2. Have you ever wants to feel the cool air on your bare skin and see the stars in the eyes of the one you love. Look no further, Unveiled Ballroom and Gardens can let you do just that. No need for a tux we are a clothing optional open ballroom with an erotic garden. We know you'll make us your next romantic home away from home with our award winning staff and our always ready to please mentality. Furry, Fantasy, Neko, you name it, you are all family to us so leave the suit at the cleaners you wont be needing it with us because, at Unveiled Ballroom and Gardens we don't just play music we live it! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/La Luna Falls/17/57/22
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    Does it cost both parties now to partner?
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