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  1. Never have had this happen to me, not sure if I did this right or not. This is my code and its seems to work up till the point of Move area. Kinda lost on why this fails. Any tips? vector offset = <0,0,1>; float hi_end_fixed = FALSE; float min = 0.01; integer ns = 10; Boot() { list Prams = llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(2, [PRIM_SIZE]); offset *= ((1.0 - min) / ns) * (offset * llList2Vector(Prams,0)); hi_end_fixed -= 0.5; } Move() { integer i; list Prams = llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(2, [PRIM_SIZE, PRIM_POSITION, PRIM_ROT_LOCAL]); vector scale = llList2Vector(Prams,0); vector pos = llList2Vector(Prams,1); rotation rot = llList2Rot(Prams,2); do llSetLinkPrimitiveParams(2, [PRIM_SIZE, scale - offset, PRIM_POSITION, pos + ((hi_end_fixed * offset) * rot)]); while ((++i) < ns); offset = - offset; }
  2. I have an idea on something I want to code, but I'm having some trouble on one part of it. Before I waste hours on a code I first need to get over a road hump.Pretty much I have looked at all open source scripts, wikis, and web sites I can on this matter. Not looking for a hand out on it or someone to do my work for me by no means. What I need help on, you would think it pretty easy to do. I need a way to check time and date differences. Last time object was fired off (12/15/2019 @ 2:30 pm - 12/22/19 @ 3:30 am) hours mins and days time passes into that time frame. basically a way to check for Days passed Hours passed Mins passed Thinking in a scope manner so I can check to see if trigger event is meet for the said time frame. Idea is to check when said object is rezzed and or attach said object it would check the time and date for idea above. All ready have the timer pretty much formatted out for when said object is rezzed/attached.
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