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  1. From her notecard, back in July, one of her pods got hung up and was reported and returned to her. One of your support people suspended her account for 24 hours because of it. When she put in a ticket about it to LDPW, the ticket was closed with no comment from support. Yavanna is experience health problems and doesn't have the energy to "fight city hall" and has decide that the pods are not welcome and is shutting down the system.
  2. But they are on demand now, at the stations. The ones roaming on their own are for the convenience of those who may not know where a pod stations is and they can just "hop on" where they want. I don't see what the problem is of ones running empty is. In some areas, if there weren't pods cruising by, it would be totally dead, without a soul to be seen for regions around. That is how I discovered them. I was tired of walking everywhere to see SL. One day, a pod was passing and I hopped it. It was a revelation. I saw stuff, I found the rez station and more routes. I took one of the notecards
  3. It's obvious you don't know what you are talking about by this one statement, by itself. You can go to ANY pod station and immediately rez a pod by just clicking on the route marker. You don't have to wait, you click the marker, it pops into existence and you get on. You don't even have to wait for it to start. Just click on the pod and it will start moving immediately.
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