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  1. Title says it all .. I have a 64x128m platform in the sky (above adult parcel) that I still would prefer to be enclosed in a box, so that no one can see into, and visitors on the platform are presented with a nice sky. Is there anything like this available, that anyone is aware of?
  2. I actually am asking for an experienced (escort/dancer) friend. 😀 I know everyone says that, but for realz ... Title says it all ... What's the busiest dance/escort place in terms of male customer traffic, do you think, that does not require voice verification for the girls. Also looking for a serious club environment, not street walking. She has some very specific reasons for not wanting to do voice (SL>RL stalker, I think), so the question is out there for the SL hive mind to input on. Thanks!
  3. Maybe the human-centric adult places, but there is plenty of dark kinks out there in SL and some wildly active groups and places for various fetishes. I hit one place today and there were at least 20 avatars of all shapes and species, and at least four or five couples actively coupling in the open. Does this count as erotic expression? Not sure, but there are places where SLers are engaged in the activities to which you refer.
  4. OMG I love you!!! That did it. I had tried clearing the upper one (because it was on my upper eyelid) but not the lower. Fixed!!!!!
  5. Could it have something to do with the CATWA Kathy head I wonder? I take that off and while my head and face are suddenly misshapen, it goes away.
  6. So I have just noticed a weird "Demo" stamp on my eyelids. Not sure why it's there and have checked my "worn" list and I have nothing with DEMO in it's name. Anyone identify where this is coming from? I think it has something to do with the wing eyeliner maybe??
  7. Is there any group of virtual runners (road, cross country, trail) in SL? I've found some great places to virtually run (Campion, for example) but can't seem to find anything with the common search terms for groups or destinations. Also, any good AOs? The standard "running" AOs do not replicate a decent runners stride that I have found. Thanks!
  8. I will second Rowan, but only really for their Ophelia Opera Gown, and their amazing high waist pencil skirt. Good luck!
  9. Thanks. I've had some luck. Not quite as laggy now and things seem to load faster. Will post my settings later. Still tinkering. Was at Exhale Dance Club and things looked better than they had before and were smoother, less laggy.
  10. Hi (again) ... I know this has been asked before but I am at my wit's end trying to desprately to make SL run at anything more than 10-15 frames per second and not look like I'm surrounded by chunky grey block people with a stuttering lag. Had such damn high hopes, too. iMac Retina 5K 27". 2017 model with the 4.2GHz i7, 24GB of DDR4 RAM, and the Radeon Pro 580 8GB video card. Great Net connection for every other online game I play. But SL runs like a dog, and honestly does not half as good as some (non-pro screens) I have seen. What am I possibly doing wrong? I would be most gratefu
  11. Any way to take a screen shot of the advanced settings panel and post those for the three?
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