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  1. Any way to take a screen shot of the advanced settings panel and post those for the three?
  2. Running SL on said system. Mid-2017. 24GB of RAM and the Radeon Pro 580 8GB GPU. It's a 4.2GHz i7. Now the first mistake I may be making is running thus sucker at 5120x2880 res ... right? But even so, with a lot of things turn down (draw distance, least water etc) I'm getting only 7 FPS in a place like Muddy's (dance) with maybe 15 other Avis in the room with me. I'm off to try halving the screen resolution down to 2560x1440 to start, but any other settings I should use to get my frame rate at least into the 20s? Anyone post a screen shot of their iMac settings that they are happy with? Really appreciate some help, here ... this is unbearable. Thanks!
  3. Text. Strictly text. Voice creeps me out.
  4. Thanks so much, Rolig! I guess I could make a bigger version of me for the house, Fauve, thanks!
  5. Newish SL player and artist in RL (picture a combination of Cy Twombly and Agnes Martin in terms of style, with a touch of Larry Poons' current work thrown in once in a while) ... would love to tour galleries with other players. Say hi in world!
  6. Hi ... first question ... I have a lovely little InVerse home that I adore ... modern, fits on my canal-side lot, looks amazing. However, my avi is set to be about 5'8" and the steps leading up to the house and inside are basically at knee level. I could fit four of me into the bathtub, the sofa and bed and furniture are maybe 50% too large scale-wise, etc. I guess I want to know can i scale the whole structure down when rezzing, or do i have to individual scale everything down to properly fit me ... each individual item of furniture, every wall, etc. Second, this canal-side lot is simply sand texture and I want to add a grass texture to the land but it seem like it won't allow me to change the base land to close to the water's edge to grass. So is the best thing to add a thin plane of grass texture to the areas I want to be green? Thanks for indulging this newbie. !!!
  7. 57 just a few weeks ago and happy to chat and mingle with anyone mature ... not on as much as my SL birthdate would indicate but darn, I find it hard to find places where a few dozen are hanging out and chatting. Age is less important than maturity to me, though drama and BS seems to drop off as age increases at least somewhat noticeably. Feel free to IM me anytime.
  8. Got it done! (returned). The vegetation, boat, trees, and dock went back though so after I get my house razzed there will be some landscaping to do.
  9. Okay, thanks! It's on mainland, btw. There is no Return option showing when I right click and delete is greyed out. Trying to get in touch with the owner I bought the land from, thanks.
  10. Hi all ... bought a nice little 1024 plot and it had a house already ... which I apparently can't delete since it's owned by the original owner? Do I have two ask then to delete it? I bring up the edit tools and can't seem to find a way to once selected delete it. Yes, I have a new home (Inverse) already nought to replace. Thanks.
  11. With a Premium Membership, I believe that you receive a free Linden home or a parcel on the mainland. So, does that mean, if I already have a nice little modernist home picked out from a vendor I really love, I can instead pick the parcel of land and then place that home there? And, is there any cost to the land (monthly fee) or anything? Thanks for the newbie help!!!
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