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  1. PERHAPS I asked people to IM me because I don't know who's going to read this and be interested? 90% of people I see in SL already have partners and such, so posting this was a way to skip all of that. Or, perhaps, I get tired of IMing guys in-world who then just turn the entire conversation into a sexual one rather than anything else. I'd like to find someone I could make a personal connection to. Apparently that's too much to ask though. ALSO, I didn't list any "requirements" EXCEPT not having a junky avi (which most people don't anyway). All of the other things are just random things about
  2. { EDITED to add a picture! It's a little older, but not by too much. I definitely don't wear that dark makeup most of the time though, lol. } Hey there, I'm looking for a guy to hang out with while I spend my time in SL. I have a TON of information about me in my profile in-world ( purpl3lotus ) and I'm always down to answer IMs, so please don't be shy. PLEASE message me IN-WORLD, I will probably forget to check the notifications here, haha. SERIOUS CONVERSATIONS ONLY, if you don't mind. - female, late 20s, southern US ( SLT + 2 ) - I do love to RP and prefer to do it in a
  3. I don't think most people want their stories written FOR them. I mean, you get to write YOUR story, why should you get to write someone else's too? You'd have better luck telling some information about you and letting folks know you're looking for a partner. Good luck! ( This is not said to be grumpy or anything, just friendly information )
  4. "Mistwood Township is a small, beautiful town with a seedy underbelly hidden from plain sight. Come visit today to take in the sights and find what just might be your home in SL!" If you're looking for a place to call home in Second Life, come check out Mistwood Township, a new up-and-coming modern family RP sim with shadowy secrets lurking around every corner. We are currently located one sim, but plans to grow are already in the works! FEATURES INCLUDE: - City departments such as police and fire departments (Now hiring!) - A community center featuring a public game room t
  5. Completely furnished beach houses available for rent on adult resort sim, complete with DJs, dancers, and escorts. Each house includes - Full furnishings on two floors (bed in loft), adult animations included - Usable space under elevated home includes bar and fun hammock for entertaining friends - On-sim security to keep out unwanted guests - Use of entire adult XXX staffed sim complete with massive pool area, extensive fire pit, and hidden waterfall lagoon (all with included extensive adult animations) Beach houses are 500 L$ a week Contact Op
  6. Thank you so much for your interest in Moonbay Cove! We are a new adult establishment set in a beautiful beach environment, welcoming those from every walk of life in SL. We are now hiring for all positions!: - DJs with their own stream - Friendly and motivated hosts/hostesses - Male AND female dancers (we actively encourage folks from all cultures and ways of life to apply!) - Experienced security guards Moonbay Cove is an adult sim that offers adult entertainment, therefore we are also taking applications for escorts (text, RP, voice, etc.). Our ot
  7. I guess I don’t know what you mean? I just made that comment because I had a conversation with a friend of mine about how the RP needs more guys, haha.
  8. But really though, you don’t have to come talk to me. There are a ton more women in Amiville than there are men. Any guy who shows up is super likely to find an awesome chick to hang out with. Come see us!
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