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  1. Azzets is hiring: 🤍 Dancers 🤍 Hosts 🤍 DJs Hiring Slot times and dates: General Manager Natsumi (sukkisukki resident) will be holding hiring meet ups via the following times and dates. If these times and dates are not ok for you, you may request to organize another time when you both are free. This schedule is to make the hiring process quick. Daily she is available from 3:30 PM SLT onwards - this of course may vary depending when all are available. Natsumi will send a notice around 30 minutes prior in our applicant group when she is holding a meet u
  2. Requirements; Disallowed: ❌ Under 18 in RL and SL RP. ❌ You can not wear a starter SL avatar. We want everyone to be themselves/unique. ❌ Avatars height must not be under 5ft. ❌ You must not resemble an animal, teen, child or even minor. 100% human adult avatars are accepted only. Accepted: ✔️ Atleast 2 week/14 day old avatars. ✔️ Male or female. Extra Info; For Dancers: ⚪ Voice is not required, but you are welcome to use it. Keep in mind though, all thanks for tips must be via text/Emoting. ⚪ We have a sign up fee: it will be L$50 per a
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