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  1. hello i want to ask if you are looking for photomodels to photograph or just generaly photograph. if you are looking for an avi to photograph in order to practice your skills i am interesed it. i have done this one before with a differnt photographer. This is my flickr acount if you are interested https://www.flickr.com/photos/190070102@N03/with/50428197926/ and my user name is evean01
  2. Hello my name is Eve and i am a newbie in modelling but easy to work with, i have already some sort of photography modeling. I am currently wearing a Catwa Freya Mesh Head and a Maitreya Lara Mesh body. I have a flickr acount if you want to see some photos of me my inword name is evean01. Ill be happy to work with you. Here is my Flickr acount:
  3. Hello my name is Eve and im relative new to SL. I want to try out modelling, i know that is diying but i wanted to give it a shot anyway. If you have any suggestions i'll welcome them. Also if you have anyother job offers i would welcome them too. This is my Flickr acount (If you want to know how my avater looks like): https://www.flickr.com/photos/190070102@N03/with/50428197926/ Thank you for your time, you can contact me inworld by IM or NC on evean01
  4. hello everyone, i'm thinking of starting a store in the marketplace but one of the conditions is to add a card. The question i want to ask is this; the earnings that i may make in the future need to be reported for taxes purposes and are these earnings shown in the card? Im planning to use the earnings as L$ only and not to exchage them for rl money.
  5. Hello every one my name is Eve and I'm a rental agent in Balanvi. If you are searching for for something to rent u click on the right post, in balanvi we offer beautifull units with 5 differnt land themes Paradise trail, Estate, Beach, Retreat and Developers Retreat. Depenting on the theme land u are looking each unit has some customization options like the fence, scene or ground to add to that 4/5 of these lands give you the option to choose from the huge list of houses we offer . Also Paradase trail, Estate and Beach is a neightborhood themed land and have a common space for the tenants, b
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