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  1. Hello I trying to find some thing to make my Catwa Catya fit with maitreya body. Previously i was using Legacy body wich was good, But there wasn't so much clothes to fit it. I bought then Maitreya body but my head won't fit by color and neck. Will you please help me to solve my issue or find an alternative? Thanks for replies.
  2. Ok but got a little issue with that... Can't find it in Forum.
  3. Ahoj. Jsem Elena Rose, 17 let, dívka hledá práci tady ve svém životě, protože si nemyslím, že investuje do hry v tomto stavu, protože není na studenta vůbec dobrá. Nepoužívám Mic, protože jsem někdo neměla. Můžete mi pomoci pomoci běžně placenou, ne napůl nahou / děvku práci? Hledám RP, díky díky pozdravy .... Elena Rose
  4. Hey. Why isn’t exist some 3D viewer app? This is so good game and on some computers are so laggy. I don’t think this is a bad idea. We can play everywhere then and maybe it will be more popular game. Thanks.
  5. oh after year finaly wow amazing. you know i think it's just an downloaded piece of network scrap
  6. well the CoolVL stupid viewer i can't access cause i not have some stupid First or the last name in game. so here we go
  7. Qie Niangao I understand what you mean. just i didn't wanted anyone let know that I'm student on stupid European school wich makes for 24$ and under .So about some investice to PC i don't think. Anyway I put graphics on full capacity and Turned off atmospheric shaders plus the Razer cortex makes other so some boost and power it will have and game started be without bugs or any other things like that and i not need better cooler. all's fine and he seems fine.
  8. Plus lots of players use still pentium i know lot of them, cause it’s not heating part of pc and Air cooler is fine for it. I not need any exspensive Corsair coolers. Cause the CPU is still fast i think faster than can have any of notebooks. That’s a normal Desktop and i have him maybe 6 years so parts have same age. (AC is on 100% + no stupid cooler sound.
  9. He’s alive and still works fine i suppose and now i made what said first comment so... I don’t think to invest my student money to any of new parts or some kind of it. If it die then it die. (European student’s payouts ain’t good to buy something like PC parts cause you got to keep a place on collage or what is that, and keep yourself alive). Plus that pentium got 3,2 GHz wich is fine and still can run so much things so leave that older INTEL stuff and think about Nvidia and SSD. Cause usage of 10 - 20% of processor capacity with dual core activated ain’t bad at all.
  10. Hello. I got an older PC it’s actually dual core Intel Pentium wich is fine and game accepts that but my graphic card and SSD won’t accept that. (Graphic: Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce GT220 1GB, SSD: 8.9 GB) do you know about some way or some viewer wich can run on piece of scrap like this? Thank you 💋 Elena.
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