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  1. Yes my mistake, i bought a skin thinking they get put on just like the other skins, or the clothes which i had no problem with putting on, basically i wanted to change myself quickly because i couldn't stand watching my avatar without the style i like. I'm learning here that Second Life needs some computer knowledge to function too haha. I tried demos of things i was interested in before, can't afford right now because it's quite expensive in real money for me and i don't see the point right now, i will still keep informing myself on how all this works cause right now i feel lost and i don't need to rush.
  2. Hi, im new to second life and i bought a Pepe skin because they're very pretty, and i tought i was gonna just click over it and put it on, but its not doing anything and the skin is not showing, how do i put on the skin so it shows? Second Life is more complicated than i tought.
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