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  1. Have you gone to Adoption Options, I believe it's called. If you go there and hang out I think it'll increase your chances!
  2. LOL at the coincidence @JenniexKim This is what I'm listening to since the new album dropped I'm relistening to everything along with the new first full album
  3. I agree with a previous poster. You are adorable. This is coming from someone who is currently heavy into the MLPFiM scene as well, and has their own pony avi. I'm sure you'll find a good family. Best of luck.
  4. Thank you! Your advice is exactly what I needed. I truly appreciate it.
  5. I've seen/had similar problems before with other avatars. For awhile on other avies I just used necklaces to hide the visible seam, and then I discovered neck fixes and stopped having to that that. But this is a bit different for me. This is a fully mesh avatar. The body and head are connected and put on with one click. If there's a neck fix out there for this kind of avatar then I'm not familiar with it, and because of the unusual position of the seem it would look really weird to weird to wear a necklace that high up. Any help or suggestions? I understand there may not be a fix, and truthfully it doesn't bother me that badly because it's not too unsightly and it's easy for me to overlook it if I have to, but I would just like to fix it if possible. Picture attached, you might have to enlarge it to see what I'm talking about.
  6. It was the name of a song I really loved dancing to in the game Beat Saber. Not my video but I you get the idea of it. It was a super energetic fun song.
  7. Definitely. Even if those masks were done all to keep bad smells out so called 'humors' in balance, I'm sure it saved countless doctors from getting diseases...just not in the way they medieval man believes. Human history is amazing
  8. Had I been born several centuries earlier I would have been a plague doctor (had women been allowed to be one) but since I'm alive in this century I think once either the outbreak petters out or a vaccine is implemented, and I'm still standing, I'll get my ass in gear and go to school like I should have last year and finally begin my road towards getting a bachelor's in biology (biochemistry and cell biology electives?) to become a virologist.
  9. Just fine. Taking the time out to be sluggish, but I'm also talking to family via webcam and phone. Keeping an eye on the news. Playing video games and trying to spread a good sense of morale and humor. It's a trying time, of that I'm not downplaying, but say these were your last few weeks, do you want to spend them worried sick or would you rather laugh a little?
  10. Not at all. I don't want to die, nor do I want my loved ones to die but worrying about it won't stop it from happening. Instead I stay informed and careful. Honestly, I'm finding a bright side to all of this. For years my inspiration to pursue an education to become a virologist has dwindled despite my lifelong fascination with all things plague (bubonic being my favorite to read about, but I also enjoyed studying the septicemic and pneumonic variety) but now it's been kicked into high gear once more. The world we knew is changing, but not really. These things have happened before modern man and will happen after. Best to say level-headed and accept that things, at the end of the day, are out of humanities control and enjoy the moment (without getting stupid - I'm looking at you, Spring Break party-goers!) However, I do take comfort in knowing, without a shred of a doubt humanity will survive this and come out the better for it, with hopefully stricter regulations, the possibly abolisment of wet markets, and more knowledge than we had before.
  11. Hey thanks Qie. I followed your suggestions (confirmed others saw it grey, etc) and eventually found out I was on the wrong type of land. So it was very much my fault for not knowing how these things work and it was not broken at all. Thanks for helping me!
  12. Hello. I've watched some videos, asked around in the game, and generally read every paper that came with everything I got. I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on what to do to make my avatar look at least nice to me, and hopefully not spend a lot of money that I don't have. I bought an avatar and everything went well until I tried to change the body's skin tone to match the head. The body, the head, all came as one purchase but they are separate peaces that I had to add individually. Since the body has turned gray I can't get it to turn back flesh colored, it's like the selector is stuck. On advice I tried to detach and reattach several times but nothing works. I sent a message to the avatar creator but I don't know when or if they will get back to me. Does anyone have any idea what I can do either to fix this or work around it? I can show you in the game or something if my explanation doesn't make sense.
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