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  1. I never received a mail for a transaction or sale of lindens or any other alerting event. And noone knows my paswords, why would I i share my password with anyone? Especially the password of the account I saved up my lindens! It doesn't make any sense now, does it? It was MY alternative account. I made it, which account holder are you reffering to? I am sorry I don't get your point there. Thats why I asked LL help to figure out what happened but unfortunately they shut me down. There must be something. Lindens just don't disapear without a trace!
  2. No, I was barely online from that account, only to set up a few products in the MP and then logged off again. Thats why I don't believe I got hacked I am opening tickets trying to communicate with LL since December. I wouldn't be bothering since then If i wanted just to mess up with LL trying to get money I never owned. I am 100000% sure they keep records of everything not just the 30 or 90 days we are allowed to see. And since I didn't clicked on anything suspicious I can even imagine that its probably even an error of LL system? The thing is that I believe that the
  3. It was about 200000 till the last time I checked from the web page... I was only in a few popular creator groups and mostly offline, thats why I can't believe I got hacked.
  4. I am sure they even know the breath we take while in SL but nmv.. I will simply never bother with this "game" again. Thnak you for your time and replies really
  5. Thank you both for your answers! The thing is that my marketplace earnings are missing too and there are those reports of my sales that prove that lindens entered my account. Do you really thing LL keeps no data of us users since the day we register? They never mention in any of my tickets that I should be following my account and I lost them of inactivity. There was no explanation at all and that was the most annoying of all. I would sincerelly understand If that was the case but it isn't.
  6. Hello Everyone, I hope to your enlighten me a little cause LL didn't and I don't understand why. As a creator in SL I managed ro save up a few lindens from my Marketplace sales which I transfered for safety (what an irony) in a younger account of mine. This happened a few years back while I was still active with my Shop. A year ago that I remember checking my web page of the younger account my money were there. On December I logged in to check again and my account had 0L ! Apart from the transfers I made from my main to my second accound there were also earnings in there fr
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