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  1. Thank so much! That's super helpful. I will definitely try to attend one of your classes sometime too! 😀
  2. Hi! So I'm a total noob when it comes to owning land/a house in SL. I've rented a place per week before, but I'd rather have something more permanent and usable other than a laggy rentable place. How do you get a house? Do you need to purchase land? How much does that cost? Is it a one time purchase? How can you make it private? What about sky box houses, how do those work? What does prims really mean and how does it work with housing stuff? I know, total noob questions lol. 😝
  3. Hi! I hope I'm asking this in the right place, please let me know if I'm not! I have the Canis Bento head by Cerberus/BBMM and am trying to attach some unrigged piercings to the ears that come with it. I have done this in the past and have been successful, but I'm having some trouble this time. I placed all the piercings where I want them to go (see pic one) and have gone into edit and linked them all to each other, then to the ears. But when I attach them to my head, they are not where I have attached them (see pic two). Instead, they are floating in space to the side of my head (see pic
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