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  1. Im not worrying about anything, it's just a privacy facts. And don't worry honey, im not a noob so i know those things. And second, i will report you're aggressive and trolling answer :3 Have a good day!
  2. Hi! I have seen on the marketplace, a few moths ago, a special HUD who don't let other people zoom on you (clicking on you're nickname) or who block them when they try to trigger with you. But i can't find it anymore, anyone knows if there's something similar on the marketplace?
  3. im not that dumb. '' Loading error!'' Message: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Code: -101
  4. hey, uhm it's all day i can't log in on firestorm or SL viewer cause it appear ''ERROR -101'' but idk what's happening cause just yesterday it all alright CAN SOMEONE PLS HELP ME
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