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  1. 1. Bugsplat have "View Report Details" button, that probably would explain cause to tech experts here? 2. Most probable cause (my non expert opinion): You are running out of VRAM. Older versions reserved max 2048Mb, newest version - like Black Dragon - have option for automatic VRAM assignment settings with more advanced options. Now probably main viewer window uses more VRAM for textures, leaving less to snap shot rendering - then failing.
  2. Early morning is cold - so I need hot chocolate ☕
  3. Came home - very tired - taking Snoopy to bed
  4. Here I am again - on my way home home from school ❤️ 👩‍🎓 ❤️
  5. Hi Forum Black Friday provided me with all I wanted, so now I can do pictures 📷 Here I am, Yuriko ❤️
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