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  1. My sincere thanks to all who have responded with helpful information. If I am paying attention, I understand that I can use my own created images freely to built my house / furniture whatever, with the understanding that no one else can see them....THEN , once I have completed the project, pay the 10 L to upload my images , so all may see them. I have no idea what is being being referred to as "The Beta Grid's Play money"....I am admittedly a "newby" and have not bought Lindens yet, but, If I have "Beta Grid Play Money", it is news to me....could someone please clarify and further explain this? Again, my sincere THANKS
  2. My concern is that it costs 10L to upload an image. I may discover that my image is too large a load and that a lower pixel size would be desirable. The simple solution would be to change the image in my photoshop and re-upload the image. lets say I started with 512x512 and decide that 128x128 would work as well with less load...Do I have to pay an other 10 L to re-upload the edited image...OR is there some facility in the SL create editor that I am unaware of to change texture pixel sizes?
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