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  1. Wow what a response! I had actually forgotten I had written that post until I saw the responses in my email inbox. I have read them all and thank you for taking the time, all of you. I agree with all of you and I think I: Yes I need to develop more the ways I interact with the SL but its probaly something ill only ever dip into once a week. I'm not looking for sexual relationships or even 'loving' relationships I'd just like to make some mates that have fun with the platform. However, I am now embarking on a four month RL backpacking trip to Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. When I return I'll be giving it another go for sure. I love SL, its such a weird plce.
  2. Hello All, this is my first post on the SL forums. Please forgive typos and mistakes I'm dyslexic and more importantly than that, I am drunk and lazy!. However, I have been dipping in and out of this wonderful Second Life for over ten years. I love the idea of virtual reality and I think that SL is the closest we have come yet to a living and breathing virtual world. But how on SL do you find genuine relationships to one another? Maybe alot of you will scream at the screen when you read this, shouting, "just talk to people" or, "be genuine". Belive me I have tried... and I have succedded. I have have made genuine relationships but they have lasted weeks not months. i have put some money into the platform. Mainly for an avi or two but no i have not rented or bought land. I find that most of my encounters are brief, intelectual and then sexual in nature. Sex and everything it has to offer is wonderful but, it is only part of the human spirit. Why is it so hard to to interact with people on a straight forward level? It seems to me that everything is either economy or instantaneiousdesire in the virtual world. Where are the genuine relationships? - it seems that there are peopl, residents that are definaitely having genuine relationships, but i can figure out how it works. I've invested in my avatar, explored as many places as I can think of, presented an optimistic soul onto the SL reality and yet, to find a true friend in four years I've been unsuccessful. I am not talking about a friend for hire, an escort or even someone that just wants a bit of company I am talking about meeting genuine users of the plat form. It seems as though you eith have to be driven by finacial gain or a pervert to really offer anything in way of a relationship. So then SL forum, I put it to you, what am I doing wrong?!
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