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  1. A 2017-4-27 Strawberry post reviewing a Genesis Lab head says "Since the head comes skin-less you need to purchase some skin appliers for it." That explains the white mannequin head I'm sporting. Weird though - the other heads I've bought have come with some sort of skin to start you off. The weird thing is that I DID purchase the Fei skin applier... but still look like a skull. Weird that the Molly demo looked nice. The real Molly head, even after redelivery, is uncooperative. The Fei skin applier colors my body's skin, and shapes the eyes of the Molly head, but applies no skin to the head. Looks like maybe Molly and Fei are not compatible. There is a Molly skin-applier, but there's no way I'm dropping another L500 to experiment with that. Besides, it doesn't include the Fei shape I like. The weird thing is that the Genesis "Lara" head being given away to their group DOES work for me, like the Molly demo did. I suppose that like most other heads, the Lara and the Molly demo came preinstalled with a starter skin. Genesis Labs haven't replied to my notecard query (maybe on holiday, who knows) so I've looked around on the forum and found other people that had Genesis Labs issues. After looking at one of the posts I wondered if the Omega applier might work, despite it being only for make-up. I went to the Omega inworld store to save the MP premium, and coughed up another L99. I wore the Genesis Omega-friendly head and the Omega Genesis applier, held my breath, and wore the Fei skin applier. Nothing. Expected, but ****. Omega's page says "Skin Info: For most heads, this is still a Makeup only kit. You still need Genesis Skin appliers for the skin layer. HOWEVER, this is changing! Genesis is in the process of adding Skin support to ALL their heads. How long this will take, who knows, but we’ll keep this updated." Yup, "who knows." I wonder why Genesis Labs doesn't include an instructions notecard with their products? Maybe they're so busy writing that that they can't reply to inquiries. "Who knows?" All my excitement at trying a new head has crashed and burned this time. The frustration I'm feeling with Genesis Labs is only compounded by a HUD with fewer options than either Lelutka or Catwa, and again by the lack of any response from Genesis Labs. I'm going to wear another head that actually works, and drop Genesis Labs Molly head, Fei skin, and Omega Genesis applier into my anger box. Genesis Labs Molly Head: L2000 Genesis Labs Fei Skin Applier: L500 Omega Genesis applier: L99 Wasted: L2599, plus time, plus ******* mood, plus food, booze, and greenery to relax me while I tried to figure this **** out.
  2. Thanks for the ideas! I went with the Molly head because GL have recently updated only the Molly and Jade heads, and of those two Molly looked better with the Fei shape. Heh heh heh, yeah, I've tried all three versions of the Molly head with the same result: as soon as I put on either of the Molly head alphas, she turns into the mannequin you see above. I did a redelivery via the portal in the store, everything is the same. The Fei Cocoa comes with the shape, a HUD with no "alpha" options, then just items related to the package: a handbag, "load anim," and "unpack on attach." My avatar (Maitreya bod, system head) was standing still, no AO. I wore the Omega 3.7.5 head, and two things happened immediately: putting on the head triggers a chat message thanking me for my purchase, and an error message pops up: Script warning / Error / Debug GenesisLab Head Molly Omega 3.7.5 (207, 166, 74) [13:32] Script trying to stop animations but PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION permission not set. This happens only with the Omega version of the head, not the Bento or BOM. I have no pop-ups, no notifications, nor any chat messages related to permissions, so don't know what this error is about. Because of the white mannequin nature of the head right now, it's not clear if wearing the Fei skin has any impact - other than a change in eye shape, and making the Maitreya body skin all blotchy. I've reached out to GenesisLab support too (Olga Minor) to see if she has any ideas. I'll let you know what she comes up with.
  3. Mahalo Alyona Su. Here's a pic of my Maitreya Lara bod wearing the Genesis Lab Molly Bento 3.2 head and Fei "Cocoa" skintone / shape. No version number listed on the Fei skin/shape, and cost is now L500. Yup, both Molly head and Fei skin/shape were on the same wall, right by the door. These heads and skins work successfully for lots of people, so I figure the problem has to lay with me. What am I missing?
  4. PS: although the Molly head is delivered with an Omega version, the Omega symbol does not appear on the product in the store. Nor does it appear on the skin. I'm hoping for some education from more experienced residents before I drop more L$ on a potentially useless Omega installer :-)
  5. Thanks for the great discussion. I have a Maitreya Lara body and have tried a bunch of head, skin, and shape demos. Each have good points and bad ones, and it's been tough to find anything that hits all the buttons. A few hours ago I settled on one of Genesis Lab's current heads (the latest Molly), and also for their Fei skin / shape. Demos of the two together were beautiful! Then the weirdness began. I have a little experience with Lelutka and Catwa heads, but this Genesis Lab purchase has left me baffled. I bought the Cocoa (skintone) version of the Fei shape. There was no separate file for the Cocoa skintone, just for a HUD with some eyebrow options. Whatevs, each skintone is purchased separately so maybe the skin was included with the shape. I wore the shape. The Molly head package contains three versions: Bento 3.2, Bento Omega 3.75, and Bento BOM 3.8. I started by wearing the Bento 3.2, and as expected bits of my system avatar head peeked through at first. There are two head alphas in the package, one of them "standard" and the other for mesh eyes. Both of them turn my head as white as a skull. It's as if I have no skin. This makes me wonder if the Fei skin is not included with the shape after all. Having said that, NONE of the HUDS received with the head or the shape appear to be functional. Now I'm wondering if I just lost a bunch of Lindens, but am hoping that my problem is just because of my inexperience with Genesis Lab. I'd love to apply some skin to my pure white skull; any hints (or even sharp prods) would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Thanks everybody for these wonderfully helpful responses!
  7. I'm a noob interested in upgrading my system avatar to a nicer mesh body with bento head, hands, feet, etc. Unfortunately, there's no category in SL Marketplace that allows me to browse mesh bodies. I thought "bodies" might be a sub-category under Avatar Components; there are skins and shapes there, but no bodies. I had to go outside of SL and do an online search to get an idea what body options are available. Thanks to Strawberry Singh and other bloggers who do nice comparisons of body types, but no blogger can do that type of thing often because it requires buying so many bodies. Blogs outside of SL, and to a lesser degree the SL Community Forum, help me to learn the names of mesh bodies, but then when I return to Marketplace and do a search for that body I get THOUSANDS of results, all clothing and skins and other stuff, not the actual bodies. So until LL actually puts a body category in Marketplace, can anyone recommend another resource (in or out of SL) that might help identify what bodies are out there (not just the popular ones, all options), and then where to go to get them? t h a n k y o u
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