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  1. I leave the remember my password on just because my computer is only my computer - nobody can access it besides me (unless I have a virus.. in that case.. I guess someone could access it - but I think they would probably focus on getting my banking information before Second life) Unless the exterminator that came to my room a couple times managed to hack my computer.. I doubt it. I lived with my parents at the time but always had my computer on shut down and locked behind a password that they'd never be able to guess, and I honestly think if they were to go on my computer their first priority wouldn't be to go onto Firestorm viewer. I, to be honest, didn't have any company, friends, or visitors for years living with them. I live with my partner now but even he doesn't know my password and if I'm not using my computer, I log out. i doubt anyone PHYSICALLY got onto my computer, I assume both of my accounts were hacked by someone who I don't even know. it's just baffling they didn't change my password or take my lindens at all if I was hacked. my accounts didn't have much on it for them (at the time) to steal either (aside from lindens), all it had was old gachas and empty folders and none of those were touched.
  2. It is super weird, I changed my email and my password already and I'll try to change the secret question and answer too, though the usage of my accounts if it was a hacker only lasted like 2 hours on this account at least.. it's just really weird
  3. at parfait & HIME-DREAM such a cute little place and some of my favorite shops, the sakura blossoms falling make for a great picture
  4. they're all different creators and I don't believe they're involved The owner and last owner are both me.. meaning nobody gave these items to me I can only assume I've been hacked but it makes no sense they wouldn't take my lindens and would just run around collecting freebies
  5. Nope, I'm very careful with that and have to accept them all manually. but even then, this account was.. well.. pretty much unknown - no friends aside from my own accounts, and I never went out to socialize. I pretty much used it just to run around and explore alone when I wanted to get away from things. so I highly doubt anyone would have sent me this stuff unless to mess with me, but again, I had never been in any location with other people aside from maybe a safe hub a year ago (That I always quickly teleport away from, so even if a troll wanted to, I doubt they'd remember my username until March of 2019) Oh, just forgot, most of them are no-transfer, which means this account specifically picked them up
  6. so.. a bit of a story. I had a previous account that also had this happened. I didn't use the account for around 3 years. I went back on it and my objects folder was filled with freebies - random junk, really. Some silly guns, male clothes (obviously I didn't get these myself), a boat, a carousel, etc. However, my profile, avatar appearance, and etc were all completely untouched. I noticed on this account that's now my only used account today something strange, I was looking to see if I had any dances I purchased and instead I found a GIANT box FULL of at least 100 dances if not more. I knew I had never picked this up and it was in my objects folder, not received items, so I never bought it myself and I wouldn't really go out looking for dances either. I got curious and looked through my objects some more. and it happened again - a bunch of freebies for no reason. For example, a snow generator, a typer, a hoverboard, some gestures, a Angry Birds gun, and.. 2 copies of cat slippers? All collected on March 23, 2019 at night - approximately 8:08 PM to 10:41 PM SLT when I was taking a break from SL for several months..Even if I had been active on SL at that time I tended not to be up so late - I was a student at that time and couldn't stay up at night to play SL, and I'm in EST and not SLT. But again, my avatar and profile were entirely untouched. I can only assume I've been hacked TWICE on two accounts (I've changed my password, the other account was pretty useless and empty so I don't care about it) but.. why would they hack me and A. not take my lindens (I had some left on this account during that time) B. not change my avatar appearance at all C. not give the objects to themselves after collecting them? Why would they just go around on my avatar (who was not very attractive at the time either - very, very outdated - think 2009 flexi with an equally as old and awkward AO) and not do ANYTHING but collect random freebies from random locations? None of the objects have creators. I'm not in any groups that would give out free objects if that's possible either. The weirdest one I found was an object named [xdinochix Resident] (my username) that when I rezzed it, was a little glowing ghost with the word DOKI DOKI STAFF above it that disappeared about a second after rezzing it and was no-copy so is now lost forever. Or hiding somewhere invisible in my house... but I can't find the thing at all even with the transparency tool, so I assume it deleted itself from existence. It was also received on March 23, 2019. Does anyone know if this was just some weird hack or something else? Has this happened to anyone else? Please let me know because it's happened to me on not one but two accounts at this point. I may check my other account to see if it's happened there either, will edit in the case that that one ALSO has random stuff in its inventory. I included a picutre of all the stuff that was collected on this account. The rest of the objects in my object folder I remember buying or picking up for free. Edit: after checking another account that had the same password as the two that have (probably?) been hacked, it had no objects on it. Yet they all had the same password..
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