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  1. Thank you for trying to help I appreciate it!
  2. there are vampires in angels and demons (not bloodlines?)
  3. I have a demon avi, I'm trying to join the angels and demons rp game. You can only join by another person turning you however.
  4. Looking to become a demon in angels and demons, if you are willing to help me please let me know, I've been ignored each time I ask in the local chat and its quite frustrating. Those who responded to my friend would only do it if I joined their clan, not interested in that I want to go solo.
  5. I have a clan in bloodlines myself but no one wants to help answer how to make one in this other platform. I didn't have much luck googling it either
  6. How do you make a clan in this rp system? My friend has been looking and no one will answer them. Also is anyone able to help turn me into a demon please?
  7. Looking for rp partners, pretty open but I do have preferences. Dont really want to rp if someone only does a few words or a single line back, especially when I write several lines out. Looking for erotic role play partners too, I'm a switch but prefer someone to be a dom. That said, I'm a sadomasochist, torture is a thing, and playing rough is my thing. My character is a demon, I prefer other demons or people who can match with me. Overall just looking for fun but that's what I prefer. Drop me a line
  8. Hello! New to sl and I've had crap luck getting people to talk to me in game so gonna try to lure you to your doom here lol. Mostly I'm bored and want friends to hang out with in game, if someone is experienced show me the fun spots. I'm a bit rambunctious and play a demon/like to rp so if you're into that even better Come chat with me while I get up to no good. >:)
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