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  1. Well, seems corporate America has once again struck.....and about to price themselves out of business....at some point the average person will quit paying the high prices and live with what they have. Sure the Die Hard people will continue to pay..But $new people coming into Sl will forego any new experiences with products and services due to the prices, as well as the casual users of certain products and services. SL business owners will have a tough go of it....Lindens just not too long ago raised the price of buying L$. Won't be long till people won't . I know one for sure that spends thousands of real $.....and sees that coming to a halt in the near future....RL won't tolerate SL price increases forever.....people will, alot of them know personally will just go back to living the freebie life and no longer put RL$. SL afterall is suppose to be fun, not a mortgage payment. I do understand exactly where you are coming from, and i think the prices will continue to increase, reason being less people will be spending L$, and lindens profits are gonna fall even further. Just my opinion. Don't care whether anyone shares it or not. Sorry for your issues withing SL Wendy. Good Luck with all you do, your products have always worked well on my end. Have a Great day!
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