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  1. it's not to fill the sim up with prims, it's to also be able to have prims free for the lag reasons as well, so yes, you can build a really nice place with less prims, but, it's good to have a certain amount of prims unused , really it helps lag, especially in sims where metered combat happens, and I think the AV limit on the 10.000 prims sims I am on about should be raised from 20 to 30 AV's. whatever you think about homesteads, they are not enough for many people who want an active sim, and a full 20.000 prims sim is too expensive for most people, and I still think this option would encourage more people to rent sims and encourage people back to SL.
  2. we can talk about how people build, good or bad none stop, and I've seen some wonderful builds on many sims, using not a lot of prims, people are amazing at creating, SL has proven that, but my point was simply, cheaper sims would bring people back to SL, and a middle option on a full sized sim with 10.000 prims would be really good, a lot of people have deserted SL for other games that they do not need to spend a fortune on.
  3. full sim 72K, full sim 60K, homstead 30K, but I am part of a RP and raid conintinant, and thats what I want to be part of. but my point is still about cheaper rents and a middle of the range rent with 10.000 prims.
  4. I do understand, that you can build with low prims,I do this myself, my village looks good for the low prims i use, but I like to keep free prims for less lag reasons, if a 10.000 prims sim on the usual size was available, with say 30 people in place of the 20 allowed on homesteads,I'd be happy with that, and I also think this option brings more people to rent a sim, yes I know also of the costs,I am pleased it is lower than years ago, but, evidently it's not enough to keep people, lowering costs, giving a middle option will attract more people and also, they will help the SL economy not only with the renting, but the buying of stuff to put on the sims, and now with new owners of SL, I hope they'll upgrade several things we desperately need, they have a lot of work to do, remember, there are tons of games out there people have migrated to, noteable Conans for the fact you can build there cheaper etc than in sl, I've been in sl a very long time, this is not my original AV, I've seen a lot of changes and marvelled at how good people are at creating, so back to my thoughts, cheaper sims, middle option will help all around.
  5. well i did mention Gor in my original comment, saying I'd seen people leaving gor because of sim costs, but she is right, they left for other reasons too, but my original thoughts are on costs of sims and prims.
  6. I know what you mean,I replied to you in world on this as I was trying to get a chat going on land costs etc,
  7. I agree with that too, but I still think we'd encourage people back into it with cheaper sims,
  8. I agree that some of the land barrons are really ripping us off, I run 3 sims, the one full sim is 60K a month for 20K prims, but the other that is a different sim owner group, is 72K a month for 20k prims, I do not have the money needed to change that sim over to a lower cost one, it seems the moving costs of this would set me back 50k, I would love to rent all 3 of my sims from the same place, RGF, they have been around for years, I rented from them 15 years back, also there when needed, never ripping you off and really helpful, we can get a homestead with 5.000 prims on it, wouldn't it be great to be able to have a 10.000 prim sim, I think a lot more people would rent those. Lindons if you are reading this, what are the chances of a 10.000 prim sim? also, I am sure if the overall costs of renting a sim were lower, you'd have more people renting sims and creating comunities,I have seen people deserting Gorean RP for example because of the costs of sims.
  9. before the last viewer update, we estate managers were able to selcect an item in the debug settings and disable scripts in it, with a button that said, " disable script", but now the button has gone, Why? it is or was a very useful tool for keeping the script count down on things that did not need a script , can it be put back, and before you say get the owner of the prims to remvoe scripts, , often they don't know how or don't know there are scripts in the prims any how, .
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