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  1. @Un33 Yay, Lelutka :D. I love Mila and Tres Beau, but my current fave in skins is Pepe Skins. She released a beautiful dark skin called Aquarius a couple of months ago.
  2. Hey Un33! What kind of head do you have?
  3. The one I am wearing is the one Claire linked! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/suPPort-Cleavage-Enhancer/1889905
  4. I'd definitely recommend going BOM if you can. It will give you a lot more freedom in customization which as someone who is very particular about every detail of their avatar I find this essential in the avatar customization game. Tough thing about cleavage add-ons is that unless they are made by the same creator of your skin, they will more than likely not match perfectly. I second checking out Izzies for possible solutions! Also I did check out that freebie BOM addon Claire posted, and in my opinion it is pretty decent. I am sure it would look even better on someone with larger breasts.
  5. The (Juniper Blazer) top and jacket are from the Secret Store from 2016 so make sure to look towards the back of the store! The skirt is a separate as this set was shown with shorts on their flickr. They may have a skirt there too, but not sure. Tres Blah has a lovely pencil skirt that might work.
  6. I did some more digging, they created omega for clothing appliers, but none for skin or tattoos which is boggling. I found this resource, and I hope its okay to post. It's a fairly comprehensive table of male skin creators. It probably won't find you exactly what you are looking for since there is not a lot support for the Aesthetic body, but it can at least give you some names of skins in general to help him research and pick what would be best for him. I removed the link just because I wasn't sure if it was considered advertising or not since it had links to stores/mp. If anyone want
  7. @Alicendre BoisselTake a look at Not Found . I just had a look at their Flickr, and they have tons of Lelutka Evo bom skins for guys, and it looks like their bodies are bom/omega compatible. Worth a look!
  8. Hey Jennifer, the only store I can think of off the top of my head that has bom skins for Lelutka that are all in one is Amara Beauty. I am not sure how big of collection it is, but I do remember seeing a few the last time I was there. As for having an issue with the neck seams, many of the brands that have the face layer on tattoo, often have another tattoo layer to wear on top of head tattoo that will cover that neck seam. If it is not working, there are few things that could be going on. Bodies and heads will have a seam that cannot be fixed if one of the body parts has had the materials t
  9. As a person who sees SL as an extension of their real life like any other social platform I’ve decided to participate, I’ve seen my fair share of despicable behavior from anonymous people with ego issues. I don’t think anyone here is trying to shame Bagnu’s friend for feeling upset that something happened to her that felt out of her control. Instead, we wish her to practice some self-care because that is so important in times when we feel hurt no matter the circumstances. It’s also important to remember that we DO have options when people do abuse us in Second Life. Report them, and most impor
  10. Curious. I could have sworn I was able to check for houses on a non premium alt in the past, I went and logged into her and I could indeed see home types that currently had vacancies. The first time it only showed me the older Linden Homes, and then I hit refresh and it looked like a Traditional home was available. When you click through to pick a house without premium, it then prompts you to sign up for it. I think? I could be wrong, unless what they are showing is not accurate portrayal of what is actually available.
  11. There are some things you can do to effect the way your BOM make up looks. The first being that if the tattoo layer is mod, you can try tinting it. This will have no effect of making something lighter of course, but gives other options. Another thing I do sometimes if say I want my brows to look fuller and tinting is just not cutting it, I will straight up wear two of the same tattoo brow. I suppose a good rule of thumb when buying BOM make up would be, if you foresee yourself wanting something more subtle, go as light as you can because usually you can make it darker by tinting or wearing mul
  12. Some of it I think is done in post, but most of the new bodies and faces come with materials that give them a lot more texture and depth. I am not sure what body and head you have Alexis, but if you have the newest version of Maitreya, under the advanced setting on the hud you will see 3 different materials you can add to your body. Other bodies have similiar things too. And there are even some appliers that will add different ones that you can buy. Just keep in mind that in order to see them in world you will need to have advanced lighting on.
  13. @Bagnu Taking consistently good pictures takes a lot of practice, and I am still kinda hit or miss. However there are a few things that help the quality of a picture. First thing I try to do is take it in highest resolution possible. For me my computer can handle around 6000x3178. But that can make some people crash so start lower and see how it looks. Creating depth of field by blurring your background makes an image more realistic looking in a lot of cases, just keep in mind that the higer rez your picture is the higher you will need to make the blur for it show up. Sometimes I cheese it by
  14. @JadoreChanel For that specific type of brow, I'd recommend checking out Just Magnetized .
  15. What is happening is that the alpha on your hair interacting with alpha transparency on your clothing. Unfortunately this is a known Second Life bug and while sometimes selecting the shirt or hair in edit mode will fix the the problem temporarily, there isn't a permanent fix. I don't know of any hairs off hand that don't employee the use alphas, so your best bet is to be selective about your hair when wearing shirts with a transparency to them such as a bun or just shorter hair . It's really not ideal, but its a limitation of system.
  16. @carolion1989 Bellisseria Citizens is for the entire continent where the new Linden homes are located. It seems pretty active so worth a look. Also have a look at the events listed on the main page too. A lot of it might not interest you, but sometimes there are fun gems.
  17. @carolion1989 You mentioned that you have been decorating your home. Do you happen to have one of the new Linden homes? If so, I know there are a couple of groups that residents have started to share events going on in the community, everyone has always seemed very warm and lovely. To be honest I don't know if I have ever gone to search for groups out right. I know there is a functionality in the viewer to do it , but I don't think its very easy to use which is a shame.
  18. Thank you for the pictures. Some of the differences I see: The width on the bridge of her nose is much wider. Her nose is turned up, but I wouldn't be surprised if she's using a BOM face detail accentuates the roundness at the tip. Inner eye is turned down, and her outer eye is slightly turned up as well.Eye spacing is very close together. Her cheekbones appear to be lower than yours. If you are looking to get that head shape adjust the egg head slider and then add/subtract length from the bottom of the face with chin depth. See how her human ears are fairly low down on the side of her head? I
  19. I think my biggest piece of advice is to join groups! Think about your specific interests in SL, and I am sure there are groups that cater specifically to that. As a person who deals with a fair bit of anxiety, I appreciate that I don't always have to participate in conversations, but there is always opportunity to do so if I choose. It does require a bit of effort to forge friendships just like in the real world, but stick with it.
  20. Everyone has an opinion about what makes an avatar “realistic” so here is another one to add to the pile. When I see a striking avatar as others have told you it comes down to a good skin, eyes, hair and shape, but there are other smaller things that take you from basic to exceptional - flaws. Things like freckles, moles, better brows, cellulite , pores, skin discolorations , and even wrinkles can add depth to even the most basic skins. With the introductions of BOM (bakes on mesh) the sky is literally the limit with a lot these things. A few of my favorite stores for skin details include Izz
  21. Check out Lelutka's evolution line. To my knowledge evolution heads are the only ones that currently fit seamlessly with legacy bodies. When you try the demo make sure you put on the SL version as other head is made to fit other bodies (maitreya etc.) And just so you aren't surprised, the evolution heads are bom save for HD eyeshadow and lips which means you cannot wear applier skins on them. There will be a face skin on a tattoo layer in the folder you can add just like you would old system tattoos to see what it would look like with a skin.
  22. In order for BOM to work, you must not wear an alpha. But if you are in the position where you have a skin that has a BOM face, but no BOM body or you like a pair of eyes that are applier only you CAN wear targeted alpha for those things. I've found that most eye appliers usually come with an independent eye alpha and in your body folder there should be an alpha there that only alphas the body. If not , hit me up in world and I can pass you folder of transferable ones I've found.
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