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  1. This way of getting around seems quite awkward so far, but I probably don't entirely get how to coordinate the button-pushing etc. and am not used to it. It does seem to work--- which is a great advantage over what I've been doing for past few days. I'm sure I'll be referring back to these pages until I get all the suggestions down. I greatly appreciate everyone who's taken the time to answer my question.
  2. I'm not familiar with this way of steering, but would you then, to get to the upstairs of a building, have to locate the stairs, locomote over to them and then climb them stair by stair, making the correct turn and taking the exact right number of steps? Or if you come to an area and are looking for where people are, how do you go about scanning the area, looking around for the avatars? I'm unable to do this at the moment, except by using the map, I guess, and trying to walk toward where they seem to be (which is often not workable) or maybe transporting if they're far enough away
  3. Maybe a couple of examples would clarify, many objects have, until yesterday, been clickable by my mouse, when I right- clicked (I thinkk it is) on them. So, previously if I wanted to go somewhere, say I'm in a location and i want to go to the upstairs, or own a hill to where everyone is sitting, I could click my cursor on the railing or the wall nearby where I intended to go (which would be clickable), and hit ctrl-alt, and my avatar would turn exactly to that place and then I could, say, fusing the nouse to move the camera closer) find a place to sit and click on the chair, eg, and get t
  4. For the last few times I've logged into Second Life, my avatar won't turn toward a selected object or move in another direction unless I turn it with the arrow keys.. This means I have to use individual steps to turn or to go directly to anyplace I want to stand, using individual steps, rather than turning toward or being able to move the camera around object to assist my movement there. I've tried changing various setting, but nothing makes any difference. I hadn't changed any settings or tried to do anything unusual before this started, so I'm at a loss to explain why this fun
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