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  1. And it turned out I was not blocked. I did think I wasn't very welcome; they had set it so I couldn't see if they were on or not; I was still on their friend list, which maybe a block would have removed me; and had that unable to see on for most of a week. The big thing that is still strange but it turns out doesn't mean I was blocked was their profile didn't say they were online and didn't say offline; no text there. Maybe I should have sent a notecard and known right away that I wasn't blocked when it wasn't immediately refused, but I sent a message that more or less said goodbye, please
  2. The software should be set up to let you know you've been blocked. Someone has a right to choose to end all communication with you, and if they don't think it should be obvious why-- judgment call, of course-- it's nicer to give a reason; but they have a right also to decide not to give a reason and just cut it off. I'm someone, using an alt, who has in my main account felt she needed to block people who were overaggressive trying to get my attention. I also wouldn't have a problem with those people knowing I blocked them, and at least in most cases, I like to think all. I've given clear in
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