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  1. I didn't get any explanation...my account is fairly new plus I have used it pretty much every day since I created my account. I checked emails that came in...ticket responses when I got them and not once did they explain...other than them saying they were holding my account for fraud reasons...I followed their instructions by running a virus check...no virus was found...which I knew would be the case....then they say it was for abuse....closed that case and all I got was a representative would email me personally...which I am still waiting for....I did also verify my account from the questions I answered
  2. Hi...last monday my account was held for fraud reasons...a few tickets later it was held for abuse reasons...I get no explanation for what...no explanation how to fix whatever the problem is. Every ticket I now submit it gets closed. As a premium user I am now paying for something I can't use...over a few weeks I upgraded my av to mesh...bought clothes etc... does anyone know what my options are to have my account back...what the likelihood of getting it back or am I just wasting my time with the whole thing. To the best of my knowledge I have not been abused nor have I abused anyone... thanks in advance
  3. Having recently joined sl and through talking to a few others I am interested in upgrading to a mesh avatar but it seems like I am treading through a minefield. For those of you that have been here for some time what in your opinion are the best bodies and heads to go with and where is the best places to get them. My choice of look either lies with steampunk and punk/goth. Any help would be greatly appreciated, also what the real benefits of upgrading to premium. Thank you in advance Capri..xx
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