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  1. Only in SL will you find a thriving ecosystem of pretenders and patsies. The 'pretenders' aren't particularly inventive or clandestine by nature, they don't need to be, they are precisely the partner persons of a certain disposition are seeking.
  2. In almost every case I've encountered an adequate Homestead build, the community begins to grow, the management take that fateful step to a full sim. And a couple of months later it all comes crashing down. It's been a predictable pattern since Homesteads became available. Once LL have completed their transition to the Amazon cloud, there will probably be an adjustment in tiers and more flexibility in options. I wouldn't expect anything before then.
  3. Just keep an eye on this thread for tips on the next release date, and you will get one.
  4. Thanks Raeleeh. They make it sound so simple on the website, this is what you're subscribing for:
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