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  1. Hello CinnamonMousse We are involved in research developing a virtual clinic environment (Second Life) as a teaching tool. It is a simulation-based obesity education for health profession students. This project is for one year only. Health profession will be involved; medical doctor, dietitian & nurses to conduct obesity management. Just a simple clinic (size around 4000+) to conduct obesity management, need to have counseling room, & discussion room and tools to do an anthropometric assessment (body weight, height, waist circumference, body fat %) We are see
  2. Hello all, I am new in second life. Me my team from University Putra Malaysia is currently running a pilot project virtual learning for dietitian running a obesity clinic. We are currently looking for a clinic for rent, where we can conduct our virtual training for a period of one year. If there's any, we like to know whats the price per monthly or yearly basis Thank you
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