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  1. I had an deactivated, reactivated it again, then deactivated it.. will there be any problem reactivating it again? I have not heard from the support on my ticket
  2. haha.. fair enough. although translating that would take ages lol
  3. I have no problem sending it, but its not in english, will they really accept it?
  4. So I am required to show a utility bill to confirm my address. My issue is all I have is an electricity bill that too in my nation's language.. will they accept it?
  5. So I saw the video on how to sell lindens. But there is no "process credit" option available for me. Is it because I had not sold the lindens yet? will it appear after i sell them?
  6. No not an avatar. Just a tool, is there a existing product already made for that? Like an orb or something
  7. If I add a security bot on my parcel, which teleports the avatar in 15 secs, is it possible for me to get notified who entered my parcel also? I know a greeter can do that, but can it be done by a security bot and if so can you give me the link of it? My another question is is it possible to get a greeter which does not show on area search menu when somebody tries to search it. I know it can be done invisible but I want one that disappears on area search as well I don't know if its the right forum to post this please move it in the right place if its not, thank you!
  8. I need to experience pregnancy, everything related to it, having actual baby in my belly on SL, but without a man. Not just make my belly look fat, but how it is done with mama allpa. is it possible?
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