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  1. Hey Team, When I am doing a group event or trying to screen capture something I am doing in second life like a tutorial, is there a way to pause or place on hold any and all group notifications and messages without having to go into your profile, select the individual groups to untick the notices boxes? Its just a pain to turn them off and then go back in to turn them off, especially of you are a member of a few groups. If this is not possible, is there a way to place this idea as a suggestion to the SL powers that be?
  2. Hey All, I am not sure if this is the right place to put this issue I am having. I just logged into SL today using firestorm, and I am experiencing an issue. I attempted to edit an object which brought up the edit pop up box, but out of nowhere this boxed disappeared and now no mater where I click on, my screen is selecting object to edit without the pop up edit box. I tried clearing cache, restarting firebox, jumping from one region to the next, but still getting this issue. Anyway for me to stop this from occurring.
  3. Hey Everyone, I am not sure if this is the right section to place this post, but I was wondering if its possible to have tattoos and wear a net style tank top at the same time without the tattoo script playing up? The issue I have is when trying to wear the mesh top, it messes with my tattoos causing parts of the tattoo to be hidden. This can happen when I just wear the mesh tank and TP to different areas or when I layer myself by wearing a best over the tank. As you can see in the one pic, this is how I want my tattoos to look whilst wearing the tank, however I wanted to
  4. So from what I understand, in order for someone to have a sky box, we need to either purchase or rent a block of land whose covenant allows a person to build a sky box above it. Once the land is purchased, we can just purchase a sky box, and fly directly above how land up to the meter height that the covenant allows to rez the skybox and that's it? I am assuming the size of the land one purchases determines the size of the skybox land we can create? Let me know if I m misunderstanding this?
  5. Hey All, I created the follow poll concerning a feature I would like to see added into our second life profiles by the second life content creators. Please check out the link below and submit your answers. Also please refer this link to your SL, friends and family as well. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LJCRLRX
  6. Hey Team, Over a week ago I purchase some tattoos from this inworld store, however the tattoos for some reason are not showing up on my skin. I have a belleza jake body and I have worn a tattoo before so I am familiar with how to apply them, however for some reason no matter what I do, these tattoos do not appear on my avatar. I attempted to contact the seller of the tattoos, but I still have not received a response from the (its been 5 days since I have sent them a message." What can I do?
  7. Hey All, Just giving a heads up, I am a Firestorm User. I am having problems with my setting for private voice chat. For some reason, I am able to use the local voice chat with no problems - hearing people, and being heard by others in my local area, however when I attempt to do a private voice chat, either I cant hear them, they cant hear me or all I can hear is feedback from my own keyboard typing/my own voice. How do I go about setting this up correctly? See below on how my voice preference are currently set up. From what I understand, to do private voice chat
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