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  1. ok ty, I am premium but can't see the option. Thanks for replying 😊
  2. Hi, I know this may sound silly but.... In my friends/groups box is there anyway I can reorder or group together the groups. Currently they are alphabetical but I would like to have them in sets eg. 'mesh', clothing' etc. Is there any way I can do that? Also is there any way I can extend the number of groups I'm allowed? Currently 70. Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  3. omg I came here looking for answers and this worked!!! thank you !!!!!!
  4. what store picture? and as i said, its not a problem, im actually amused
  5. its not all from the same furniture set though and for example there are two rugs with the bed, I used just one and so have they in EXACTLY the same position! Its a little coincidental that they are in the house opposite, don't you think? I really don't mind, just amused Oh and the sign you can just see on the left of mine, from a completely random shop, they now have too. so hmmmmm
  6. Aha great idea ok this is even weirder! When they were visiting the house yesterday, their profiles said they were Linden Labs staff. Now that has gone from their profiles! So maybe they are now just my neighbours lol Think I may leave them some cookies on the doorstep
  7. Yes I think I will, thanks haha I am so addicted to decorating I'll probably change mine in a few days anyway haha
  8. oh so who has copied me? and i'm not disappointed, just curious owner still showing as Governor Linden so who has decorated lol
  9. OK so..... I have had my Linden home about a week and have just finished decorating it with stuff from lots of different shops. So the house opposite me ws empty and there were Linden peeps in there yesterday. So today I have a nosy at it and they have COPIED m bedroom item by item! Even the layout of the furniture is the same! Downstairs they even have the same chalkboard as me!!! What the hell! I don't know whether to be complemented or freaked out!! haha PS Does anyone know how I change the security so NO ONE can see inside my house, could be awkward haha
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