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  1. After four days of testing Second Life, and with a monthly budget of 200.000 Linden, the experiment has been ended. This world was much different business wise and culture wise the last time I was very active here. People were more open minded, didn’t troll for attention and you could try new things all the time. What this world has become is a bitter majority, status quo, monopolies and a shopping experience that cannot compete with the simplicity of modern times. With the budget, I can hire RL virtual assistants to set up a Chinese dropshipping operation and sell through Amazon, Ali Baba, Instagram and so forth. Probably in less time than it would take to build something not profitable in SL. Second Life apparently died years ago when it comes to accessibility, culture and ease of using. Whoever creates an asset for money trading market in a game up to date with the modern standards, is going to be rich.
  2. I certainly remember the camping days of 2007. It was like the bots nowadays, zombies to make it look busy.
  3. Thank you. It is one linden per 1 increase in traffic. If the traffic goes from 100 to 200, the pay is 100.
  4. Thank you for the heads-up. It would also be lame to invite that mess into an area with many shops.
  5. My offer is one Linden for every traffic increase, regardless of source. Example: My traffic went from 11 to 145 on day one. Partially it’s a classified I made, partially it could be people wandering in from the stores nearby and partially probably myself being there to set the vendors up. Had someone been hired to do this already and not been to the store at all during the jump in traffic, that individual would have made the difference between 145 and 11, or 134 Lindens in a single day, for doing absolutely nothing. Hence this position is open to only one person.
  6. Tips on how to increase your salary: 1. If you can help me make a better classified, the traffic will increase. 2. If you have other ideas and they work, you will earn more. BONUS: If you do really well, I will give you store credit to buy at least one outfit of your choice.
  7. There is more. From the moment your contract begins and until it ends, you get 1 Linden for ALL of the traffic generated. Does that mean ALL traffic, also generated by other avatars? Yes. Does that mean I can use my alts too? Yes. Does that mean I seriously get paid a linden for all traffic that generates, even when I'm not there? Absolutely. You can literally earn money while you sleep.
  8. Are you that social butterfly and fashion maniac, who has tons of friends and are looking for extra cash for doing almost nothing? To kick start my new Fashion Store, I need YOUR help to increase the exposure. I'm willing to pay the right person 1 linden for every increase in traffic over the contract period.* All you have to do, is to get people to teleport to the store and stay there long enough to generate traffic. Scroll through the vendors, look at hot fashion, have a chat and enjoy the day. Please reply here if you are interested. I will personally go over the candidates and contact the chosen one in world. *The limit I will pay for this is 5.000L
  9. I am looking for a Fashionista / Shop Manager / Business Partner to set up a new store based on affiliate vendors and outsourced custom designs. Your role as a Business Partner / Manager, is to design the direction of the store and to hand select what will be sold. Your job will also be the supervision of interior design and all that. My role is to fund the start up phase, design a marketing plan and grow the business part. The profits after my costs have been paid we split 50/50. Your profile: You of course know everything about SL fashion, both what's hot and how the industry works. You are the first one to try new SL fashion technologies. You have experience with management and work organized. My profile: I deal with frustrating bull*****, provide the initial cash flow and let you do your thing as the Manager and Fashion Expert. Phase 1: 1. We start with affiliate vendors for a quick start up. 2. We start small in a single location. 3. We experiement with marketing and inventory. 4. We establish an automatic process to run the store. Phase 2: 1. We focus on generating enough income to get my investment back. 2. We hire an assistant for you to take care of your repeated tasks. 3. We start planning for phase 3. Phase 3: 1. We focus on ways to generate enough income to pay for custom designs. Phase 4: 1. You choose the first items for a new Fashion Line. 2. We find someone to make mesh, textures and other things required, such as scripts. 3. We experiement with PR and marketing and enter the field with a boom. Phase 5: 1. We establish the new line and make it known. 2. We begin branching out from the initial designs. 3. We begin scaling the store into more locations. Phase 6: 1. We hire as much staff as necessary to make the growth potential unlimited. If this provokes your interest, please send me a notecard in world, to ensure that we get connected. Do not hesitate to include any questions you may have in the notecard so I can address these as soon as we connect. Kind regards, Howard Khan.
  10. Tired of running your SL business and want more freedom? Perhaps leaving the game and you don't want to leave your community in open air? When I say profitable, I mean that it doesn't cost you any RL money to run it and that it generates enough profits to hire the necessary staff, including a business manager. I'm not looking to change the culture of the business if your customers are happy with things the way they are. What I might change, is the background structure of the business to try and generate more income and cut unnecessary costs if I find anything to improve. I might also scale the business up or join some or all parts of it with other businesses. If there is room for new ideas and changes, and the returning customers and community is on board, things can certainly change. Please reply here or connect in world. Not new to SL, but new on this account.
  11. I am looking for a highly qualified Female Executive Assistant for a variety of administrative tasks in Second Life for a new business. It is very important that you know the ins and outs of SL and can make decisions on my behalf if I'm not available in the moment it is necessary to execute. Experience with management and administration is a must. For the right person, I am willing to pay the right SL salary. Your profile: 1. You can be the boss when the boss is busy. 2. You can handle a sudden change in the direction of the business. 3. You are professional and not involved with anything questionable on the account you represent me on. 4. You enjoy eating your competition for breakfast. 5. You want to commit for the long term, and expect to be well compensated. 6. You are fit to run a business in SL. 7. You can delegate and outsource to the right people to grow the operation. 8. Your English skills are great. If I give you orders, you deliver or get someone else to do it. If you give me orders, you're fired. If I give you work, you get paid. If you give me work, you're fired. I'm a divergent thinker and catch opportunities very fast, you MUST be able to keep up and you MUST be able to spot a disaster on the horizon. How you do your work is not my concern, only that we get along professionally and that the results get delivered. If this goes well, it is possible that you become a partner in the business. I am very ambitious, and so are you. To apply, please send me a Notecard in world.
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