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  1. Looking for some one to learn SL with!
  2. I am new here if anyone would be so kind to help me get my avatar looking right it would be much appreciated! Its a little confusing!
  3. StellaBXO

    New here!

    Looking to meet people to explore and rp fantasies together! I am Stella, I am a 24 year old student looking to have some fun that I wouldn't have in real life. (i don't think?!) Please do not ask me to share information outside of here. I keep my online and real life separate. I don't mind talking about stuff please just do not ask me for my phone number, email, skype etc...….. What I would like to do on here is play out fantasies! The more detailed the better. Please do not just come up and tell me you want to ***** me! The thought of watching to random computer avatars have sex with zero build up does not appeal to me! For instance a fantasy of mine is hooking up with a much older man, women or even a couple. How would we meet? Am I a escort, sugar baby? Met online? Those are just examples.
  4. Hello! I am new here. I am coming here from RLC. I have been on for a little bit tonight but this game is a lot more confusing! If anyone wants to show me the ropes that would be awesome!
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