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  1. We have some beautiful rental homes on the Den of Hell, Neutral Riding Sim. Enjoy a nice quiet spot to rent, along with a lag free riding sim. Tons of things to do right here. Horse Bike riding, paintball, bowling, mini golf, dance, cuddle spots over all areas of the sim. Hidden caverns, rideouts, game room! The list goes on. Enjoy living here and having your friends here, and with so much to do and not even have to leave the sim. Not to mention LAG FREE! Come check out the nice homes. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wolfs Den/8/212/1830 Contact me if you like
  2. I have a friend that recently decided to open his private sim to the public. On the sim he has a wonderful Bike riding sim. It is not just your normal bike riding sim!!! The sim includes so many areas. I am unsure if I have ever found them all yet ! There is paint balling, gaming room, Horse back riding, so many hidden caves and cuddle spots. There is even a miniature golf!! I am by no means promoting his sim, I honestly love it here. The picture I will post is the area for where you can go ride the new animesh water horses. It's just beautiful up there. Also some rental homes as well,
  3. It's truly one of the best sims I have lived on. Can't ask for better sim owners. The sim itself is just beautiful Thanks Ben and Tommy for giving us such a wonderful place to live!
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