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  1. Now this is interesting to say. Could you maybe share more insights on what you mean?
  2. Just wanted to say something about the spirit of Mainland. This week has been full of wonderful memories of Mainland. I have met more people than I have in my entire Slife living on private land, just on the road, doing every day things. I met a random guy who visited my parcel and we struck up a nice conversation about orbs and ban lines. He said he and his wife were looking for land to be able to enjoy flying and boating without excessive navigational challenges and I shared with him some land landmark NCs I had and he thanked me, and off he went. I met my neighbor and
  3. SL is alive and well in my opinion ❤️
  4. Come visit ❤️❤️ We has cookies!!
  5. I would shop around and explore. There are many I've spotted that seem quite over-priced for virtual land, but also I've seen some that are reasonablly priced ones in the 5-8k range ($20-35 approximately), or less.
  6. I went through this recently. You can join a community too like Bay City or Storybook Estates, both of which are active mainland communities in their own ways. By Storybook Estates there are nicely decorated 1024 sq m parcels for sale. Also in Alloy, there are some nice plots, and it is a very quiet area with a sailable river. And in Jingi , where the Mainland Appreciation Society is currently, there are some parcels for sale.
  7. Hi! =D ...Not entirely sure about this profile picture lol but it's a start! A separate formal intro post will be coming, I am proposing to Profoky that maybe we do it jointly too =D to double the fun! Please join me on Flickr ❤️ Add me on there- https://www.flickr.com/people/discovermainsl/ And also on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/DiscoverMainSL/ Also, version 1 of the exploration HUD is testing now, anyone interested in testing it with some exploratory landmarks? It's a very simple HUD, at first...Version 2 will come later with some more
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