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  1. Hello Amelia, It's probably Maitreya's body in the pictures. However I would recommend Legacy over Maitreya. Maitreya isn't a bad body in my opinion but it made its time, it's twice cheaper but Legacy worth the extra cost. Legacy offer better alphas spots and better alpha system in general, you can make either a thicc or thin shape when Maitreya force you to keep a thin one otherwise you'll notice issues on the body (triangle hips, your legs being "cut" on the upper thighs when you sit, etc...), globally more detailed, shoulders less... shouldery ? You can also resize your feet, something which is not possible with Maitreya otherwise it won't fit your shoes anymore (so you're stuck with a predefined feet size) and have to make your shape accordingly to them not look weird (some platfoms heels look just hilariously enormous on Maitreya). A lot of people here seem to have a competition on who wear the less polygon or complexity which is to me a clique stuff nobody care much about outside of the forums, especially since it isn't really relevant. I could find that funny but not much when it lead them to recommend something sort of outdated to someone who's already on a budget. Most people with a very detailled avatar I see and into fashion upgraded to Legacy and those who did not are staying on Maitreya because they have too much clothes they like who haven't been rigged for Legacy when they has been released. That said, you of course can still make a great look with Maitreya but I'd really recommend you to try the Legacy body too before making a decision, especially the Perky version. You can send me a text inworld if you want more informations as I have the two bodies ♥
  2. Nothing next to the L$ balance on the website, I hope it's just a display issue...
  3. I agree with Chris. I only recommend Maitreya for the Petite add-on version if you plan to have a shape with really small boobs. Otherwise I'd recommend Legacy Perky for a "classic" shape and Legacy Classic/Feminine for a shape with big boobs. Kupra is also a good body if you want a very thicc shape but it's more a fetish body than anything. I think you should try them before making a purchase.
  4. I do indeed. Outside of this forum clique nobody care about polygons or complexity, they wear clothes and accessories they love and they rarely exceed 100-150k complexity anyway. Most people set 350.000 as complexity limit to avoid griefers and that's it. People aren't responsible of you using a computer from the last decade who can't run SL decently and surely do not have to spoil their fun for you. I never heard anyone complaint about Freya's lags outside of here, nor even Legacy. If you want to have a pointless contest on who will have the lowest complexity/polygons counts between you that's good for you, but when a newcomer is looking for a new body I prefer to give tell them the best looking one with the best features and not an outdated one. I'll be more mature than you and just agree to disagree and not waste more time arguing with you.
  5. To clarify I didn't wanted to say that the head wasn't working in itself. I was speaking of the sales/number of people wearing it. I've never seen someone wearing these new HDPRO heads even since they gave one for free. Every Catwa head I see is the Catya one and that's it. All new heads makeup at recent events are made/optimized for LeLutka Evo (X).
  6. Which body is the more resource intensive to render (i.e. 'laggy')? Legacy. -> People doesn't have to limit themselves because of your computer from the last decade. Which body requires you to use media to interact with the HUD? Legacy. -> Only when you change body skin color (which nobody does since everyone use a separate skin BOM ?) or nails color. I don't see in what it cause an issue though. Which body requires its HUD to interact via their internal servers so that in the event of them having issues, your body's HUD stops working? Legacy. -> "if" "if", never had issues so far, but yes in theory it is true. Which body is made by a creator whose business practices have been the root of much outrage due to its dodginess? Legacy. -> I can understand if you bought the classic TMP body, what they did is indeed not something to do. Though the author didn't bought it at that time. The "new" Legacy body is out since what 2 years now ? And no similar issues so far, it would be highly surprising if they do it twice. Which body requires you to buy a whole new body if you want a different type of bosom or base shape rather than using addons, at full the full price of a different body? Legacy. True, but they also OFFER the petite version in the Perky body, when you have to buy it for Maitreya. ----------------------------------- I also can make a list. Which body doesn't let you play with the sliders to your taste without having annoying issues ? (shoulders glitches, thighs getting "cut" while sitting, "triangle hips" with a lot of clothes if you dare putting a bit of meat on your legs.) Maitreya. Which body doesn't offer good body details compared to Legacy ? Maitreya. Which body doesn't have it feet resizable ? Maitreya. (Well they do, but if you do they won't fit your shoes anymore lol. So basically, if you want to keep realistic body proportions you will have to make your size according to the feet you can't resize.) Which body doesn't make a difference between auto-alphas from clothes and manual alphas ? Causing issues when using saved outfits while switching body copies (Because yes, feet and hands aren't separate either.) Maitreya. Which body offer the less alpha spots on it hud ? Maitreya. And seeing platforms heels on Maitreya is hilarious, they look SO big compared to the legs or even to the whole body, since the feet can't be resized. Because it is. As for Legacy I just checked and itself it is 14.044 complexity. With most of my outfits I am under 100k complexity, even 75k and I'm wearing more than 20 attachements. Maybe you should buy your clothes and accessories at different places if they make your complexity raise as much as you say. Also, if someone have their complexity limit set below 100k or even 75k, trust me, you're not the problem. --------------------------- That said, you're welcome to send me an IM SyndraJade, I have both bodies so I can show them to you and show you these points I listed upper. I'd also recommend you to try demos first, even make/find a shape and a skin you like before buying any body of your choice to be sure of your choice. I hope you'll find something who suit your needs !
  7. Hello, I'm a bit surprised by what has been said before, I would recommend a Legacy body (Either Classic or Perky depending to your taste but Classic have much more support so far) and not a Maitreya body. Maitreya has been one of the first decent mesh body on SL so a lot people bought it which explain why it is still the most supported body, and if a lot of people still use Maitreya nowadays it is because they own a lot of clothes for it and don't want to lose them since some are not Legacy compatible. Since you don't own either so far I would recommend Legacy, in my opinion the body is better in every point than Maitreya (except for appliers), I used Maitreya around a year by now and then switched to Legacy months ago and I do not regret it. Now almost every active store rig clothes for Legacy (a bit less for Perky, but some does) The only reason I see to buy an outdated body like Maitreya is saving a bit of L$ since Maitreya is 2.750L$ and Legacy 5.000L$ but if you love dressing up or do shopping you will quickly feel limited with Maitreya (not by the clothing choice, but about what you can do with your body) so... it worth the 2.250L$ more for Legacy. As for the head it's pretty simple, LeLutka have the market by now. Catwa was the way to go in the past, everyone recommended me either a Catwa and some a Genus when I started. Genus slowly took a bigger part on the head market and got taken down by a DMCA, they came back but LeLutka released they Evo head line and they moved on first place. At that time Catwa already was considered as kinda dead, their Pro head didn't worked well and was super expensive. People were either wearing Genus or LeLutka Evo. Now LeLutka released their Evo X head line and Legacy is speaking of a "Legacy X thing" which I guess is supposed to work with. In my opinion buying a Catwa head is throwing money down the drain. All that to say that the way to go now is LeLutka Evo X and Legacy body. Kupra is also a good body if you want a very curvy shape and maybe more for a bimbo look (and if you can avoid looking at the feet lol) and more and more creators start to do for it too.
  8. I already did, it didn't changed anything. I think I found the solution though. I activated the image smoothering in the Nvidia panel and it look way better now, removing this file probably turned it off or something, I don't know.
  9. No I didn't. When I reinstalled my drivers the "nvdrssel.bin" was back but my viewer was still blurry. I don't get why and it's very annoying.
  10. Hello, I had an issue with "NO DC" showing up on the top left of my viewer. I followed the instructions on this page : https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_nvidia_issues and deleted "nvdrssel.bin". It turned my viewer all blurry and ugly and I can't find how to revert that like if I'm playing on 600x400 resolution. I reinstalled firestorm, my drivers twice, and even tried with older drivers. Please help !
  11. Hello, Wulfie Reanimator is there a way to replace wear from double clicking to add instead ? It would definitely make my life easier.. I am on Firestorm. Thank you !
  12. Thank you. The draw distance setting with the nearby chat is awesome ! And the typing indicator is what I wanted !
  13. No one able to help me ? Especially for the draw distance bar please...
  14. Hello, I have few questions : - Is there a way to change the timer of the avatar's chat bubbles appearance ? - Is there a way to make people's name blink or briefly appear when they send a message in local without having to use the bubble text chat ? - Is there a way to remove gesture text in local ? - Is there a way to add the draw distance bar on the topbar on the classic Firestorm theme ? Thank you ! ♥
  15. Good idea, thank you. I will try
  16. Hellow~~ first of all, sorry if this is not on the good section but honestly I didn't know where to ask that... Until recently I was using a Vista AO I modified a bit to remove poses who came with to add breathing/static poses instead. Though, after a while I find annoying the whole process to add new poses or remove some by using the notecard. So I decided to switch for the in-built Firestorm's AO. I really love it, I find it a lot easier to use, however I am facing an issue where during the rezzing time when I land at a place I am "walking on the spot" automatically. Once I rezzed I move slightly and it stop and use my pose. I don't know why it do that, I asked my friends and no one has been able to figure it out. I have some thoughts myself, but if someone know thank you... Since I didn't have any "turning, walking, flying, etc..." animations I had to extract those from the Vista AO to put them in my Firestorm's one so I wonder if it's a priority issue or something. If that's it, how other people do ? Thank you ♥
  17. That was that indeed, thank you ♥
  18. Hello~~ I'm looking for a leg like those from Azoury, with a transparent part used as an aquarium with a fish inside. I've seen it on someone and forgot to ask her the name... Thank you ♥
  19. Hello everyone ! I have an issue with my viewer, on crowded places some people do not rezz fully (when there is like 40-50 people or more) even if I wait veryyyy long. It can be head, body, sometimes jewelery. I really don't know what to do, I tried to upragde the bandwidth from 1.500 to 3.000, same issue, then to 1.000 same issue... I already asked in the Firestorm support group but they just send me the basic "Q&A users manual" which do not help. So if someone know how I can fix that please help me ! Thank you very much ! ♥
  20. You can delete it ♥
  21. Hello, In the search go into "Events" and type "Live" 😋
  22. I couldn't agree more... Profile is really important. When I get an IM I always look at the person and then their profile before answering. If I find an empty profile from someone who's here since more than a month it only mean two things to me : - They're never online so it's useless to try to sympathise more since we won't never talk. - They're going to become lewd pretty soon.
  23. I've seen with the manager to get a copy it wasn't in store. Solved, thank's for your help ♥
  24. Thank you, I tried them before but they're not as good as the one I'm looking for
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