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  1. Hello everyone ! I have an issue with my viewer, on crowded places some people do not rezz fully (when there is like 40-50 people or more) even if I wait veryyyy long. It can be head, body, sometimes jewelery. I really don't know what to do, I tried to upragde the bandwidth from 1.500 to 3.000, same issue, then to 1.000 same issue... I already asked in the Firestorm support group but they just send me the basic "Q&A users manual" which do not help. So if someone know how I can fix that please help me ! Thank you very much ! ♥
  2. You can delete it ♥
  3. Hello, In the search go into "Events" and type "Live" 😋
  4. I couldn't agree more... Profile is really important. When I get an IM I always look at the person and then their profile before answering. If I find an empty profile from someone who's here since more than a month it only mean two things to me : - They're never online so it's useless to try to sympathise more since we won't never talk. - They're going to become lewd pretty soon.
  5. I've seen with the manager to get a copy it wasn't in store. Solved, thank's for your help ♥
  6. Thank you, I tried them before but they're not as good as the one I'm looking for
  7. Hello ♥ I saw these flip-flop on someone at the beach and I'm really interested in them, sadly I can't find them at the mainstore nor on the MP, so I thought maybe it's an event exclusive or something, if someone know it ? Without the glitter if possible. Thank you ! It's called "REIGN.- FLIP FLOPS" ♥♥♥
  8. True, thank you for your answers, I think the best indeed is to ask for LM ! ♥
  9. Hello ♥ I'm looking for beautiful/stunning places to relax or casual chat. Not sex sims based and such. So usually I look on the Editor Picks from the destination guide where I find some great one with a minimum of people, otherwise I look on the search but I have to type a keyword like "Relax / Flickr / Beautiful" to get some results. The issue is, some super great sims could be well hidden... I will take "Winter Moon" as exemple, if I type "Flickr" I won't find it, same for "Beautiful" since it's not on the tags... So I wanted to know if there is a way to have a full list of all the sims sorted by traffic because I'm not interested in empty sims... Thank you very much ♥
  10. I know, but without AA it's indeed no blurry anymore but all the texture look... I don't know how to explain it, to avoid that I want to try to upgrade the resolution so if someone know a way I would love to try it. Thank you 😛
  11. I want to do it because Advanced Lightning Model use an antialising making Second Life all blurry compared to without and I thought upgrading the scale would make the use of antialising less important...
  12. With a screen with a resolution lower than 4K ? Like moving the resolution scale if it's possible ? I'm using Firestorm. Thank you !
  13. Hello everyone ♥ I have big issues with Firestorm since some days now. When I login my outfit and some parts of my body won't load and are write like that in my inventory "blablabla" and shown as worn... I won't be able to move either. The only way I found to temporary fix it is to clear the cache, the inventory cache and restart the computer 1 or 2 times... It's VERY annoying and I just don't understand why it do that since some days... If someone have an idea please help me because it really go on my nerves Thank you ! Clarisse
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