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  1. Software Engineering(Computer Science) is very relevant. I do understand software. But my comment wasn't so much about that. It was more about being persistence, learning, accomplish and achieving what you want. In other words, solving the problem. My problem is solved. Yes, I bought a non-demo product, and used multiple parts and I got it working. This is what I was talking about. My review was based on lack of instructions. That's not in me, but the developer of the avatar. I am here trying to learn, I am curious. But I appreciate that you brought to my attention if I purchase something again I should find a product with a demo. I am familiar with BoM(never used it). As I staed earlier, the main reason I went with these products is because they're copyable and transferable. Sometimes I change accounts, or I have accounts for diffrent things. I still want people to recognize me(I am not hiding) I use the same avatar on multiple accounts. Most things are not copyable or transferable. I am currently happy with my avatar and I don't see myself changing it anytime soon. I will keep the Jordon mesh thing in mind if I ever need or want to change my avatar.
  2. Thanks for your information. I greatly appreciate it.
  3. Okay thanks. I guess what I am trying to ask is if I buy a head does the face comes with it? (a non-full-perm mesh)
  4. I am going to reply to all of your posts here. Yes, I do understand the instruction(I am a software engineer). I was just wondering where the face came from. I am not trying to do anything. I bought a non mesh full avatar. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/u-clips-Jordan-male-avatar-full-permission/5158324 Then I bought the mesh body that this post is originally about. I put my mesh avatar over that non mesh full avatar.
  5. I know I am a little late, but I have been wondering about that. Does the skin affect the face? If not, where does the face come from? Does it come on a head, or do you have to get a face?
  6. Thanks, my issue is that... I have multiple accounts. I needed stuff that was transferable and copyable. This avatar is that. That's the reason I picked it. But I understand it's not for your average user. But it's finally fixed. There is some slight discoloration going from the chest to the head, but I will fix that later.
  7. Thanks a lot. I spent over twenty hours trying to fix this. I can't thank you enough.
  8. Okay, I saw a video and I see what you mean. Everything is working for the most part. The issue is that some parts are linked together. Like the butt and the top shoulders(mesh frame is seen on them) If I apply the lower layer to the butt it looks good. But the shoulders have a butt on them too. Is there a way to separate these links? Or what can I do?
  9. Okay, I know what the problem is. When I apply the texture for the upper body. It applies the same texture to the lower body. My friend said i had a nipple on my butt. Hours later(right now) I applied the lower body texture and I see a butt crack on my pectoral.
  10. That could work. I just don't know how to go about that(changing head color).
  11. I am on firestorm, I do not see the "link by parts." I just opened Second Life viewer and it keeps crashing after I load it. Thus, I can't use it right now.
  12. Okay, thanks I will try that.
  13. Yes, multiple times. It has instructions for other things, but not that(I understand why you asked ha).
  14. The name of it is, "THE BODY STUDIO Male Fitmesh Bento Body [Full Perms] v.2 Version [Orion] v2" This is the one I bought https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/THE-BODY-STUDIO-Male-Fitmesh-Bento-Body-Full-Perms-v2/16066654
  15. I bought an expensive mesh avatar. The default skin is too light for the head. I right click on the avatar, the complete avatar is automatically selected(full avatar no upper or lower body section) i then go to edit to apply a darker texture. I pick the upper body texture and the upper body looks good. The lower body looks messed up(various tones of color). When I select the lower body texture it messes up the texture of the entire avatar. I think they are being stretched. Ultimately the issue is that I can not apply both textures at the same time. How do I do that or how can I fix my problem?
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