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  1. question does anyone know where you can find the shared wardrobe website ? im trying to see other peoples ideas or system to help me decide on mine as its really building now.
  2. I have been thinking of buying land through an action , Im wanting land business wise and personal wise. I have been renting but thats so much i feel when i could just buy the land and own it. I heard you pay LL so much does anyone know how much a week or month that is? Also whats your thoughts on buying land is it toatlly worth it or naw?
  3. Hello I was gifted some things from a store by a club i visisted in SL, I don't need or want to items as they don't go with my house. I know I can gift them and I know I can sell them I contacted the creator and they told me of a Reseller Vendor thing. They are to busy though to give me a getting started or how to walk through of doing it can anyone help me with this?
  4. thank you all i got it fixed now i have other question lol
  5. I just got a Linden home and im wanting to allow someone im with to be able to control the panel and anything i can do in the house, I created a group and added them as an owner but nothing is working. i went to region panel and the acess tab is dimmen meanign i cant change anything. In the parcel panel inworld the acess tab allows me to add them but they still cant move anything i rez like a bed etc, they still cant control the panel etc. please help
  6. HELP!!! just got a linden home the older ones, meadowbrook one but my control panel isnt working at all. Also i dont see a mailbox infront of the home or anything near it like the website says...is that for the new linden homes?
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