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  1. Hello! Can you please IM my alt account for this? At Katarina Nova Please Thank you!
  2. Or a script that can turn off/on existing script on touch. That works for me aswell.
  3. Hello there. I am looking for a working tail wag script that can be turned off and on on click. I do not mind the price. Preferably to be mod so I can adjust the script myself on the wagging angle & to work with Flexi Tails of Kinzart Kreetures avatars. Thank you.
  4. thats what im saying. I tried to look it up but the links were broken. Where can I find in the marketplace that I could use?
  5. PS: I looked old forum posts but all of their .psd body texture templates are broken. So I hoped anybody could help me with this.
  6. Hello! I am looking for a .psd texture file for the Default body. Preferable one with already included basic (or good ) shadows so I can have some kind of base to start from to add my own shadows and textures. Any help will be deeply appreciated ♥ Thanks
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