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  1. Thanks for that advice. The ztake trick looks very useful, as does that whole wiki! And I've now asked my landlords to ask LL for a higher-level restart. Fingers crossed Thanks again!
  2. Thank you! That's very good advice on how and where to open the Coalesced Objects. I think perhaps some other objects have coalesced but remained on the build, causing some sort of error in prim physics that makes it difficult for us to walk around as normal. I will investigate more.
  3. My partner and I were renting 2 adjacent parcels which we had joined together using the instructions found at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Joining_and_subdividing_land Each parcel had a designated capacity of 7492 prims, making a total of 14984 of which we had used around 10000. When we decided no longer wanted the expense of 1 of the parcels we decided we should let it go if we could make enough room for all our prims in the remaining parcel, which meant cutting back from 10000 to 7492. Unfortunately my partner forgot this last step, and went ahead and subdivided the land (and gave up ownership of the unwanted one) while we still had too many prims, and it's been pretty catastrophic: - Unsurprisingly, parts of our builds disappeared in the overspill. - The lost objects appeared in our Lost & Found folders, many of them arbitrarily bunched together as multiple objects (with unhelpful names!) - most of our builds are now unnavigable: although they look fine (apart from all the missing items here and there), when we TP to them we either walk really sluggishly, float in space forever, or get thrown to one side. It feels like there are giant invisible prims all over the place obstructing us. Our landlords have twice restarted the Sim, and that didn't help. We accept that we may have to return all of our objects to our inventory and start from scratch, but can anyone deduce/explain from this experience what has happened? Have some of the remaining objects glitched in dimensions perhaps, and if so is there any way of identifying them so we can avoid rezzing them again? We're new to this and would appreciate any insights!
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