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  1. i doubt it would be a problem..i saw a fleet of topless sailors sailing through the channel the other day so if thats ok, cant see how nude pictures inside ones home would be an issue
  2. Me too and I have to admit its pretty comical watching the refreshers getting so in a bunch about a tree being in a perfect place LOL
  3. Maybe one day LL will make it fairer for people who work and cant sit all day, watch regions and refresh, maybe a once in a while weekend release would be nice. On a positive note...spots seem to be getting better and better
  4. Is it correct a region has to be reset before it is released?
  5. i see whitney linden in the area - in blackwater shoals😮
  6. i hope more than that..there are only like 7 HB on that region....
  7. odd must be a SL glitch something definitely went pinkish up there
  8. odd it looks like sario region just reset..least it went pinkish on my minimap
  9. saw couple more trads and campers pass..wondering if they are the same ones
  10. there are a LOT of new named spots..wondering if they will release one more today or saving for a big release tomorrow!
  11. going to let go a trad on sario because i really am looking for the next rounds of house boats. its a great spot and i hope someone who has really been looking for a trad there gets it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sario/150/21/38
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