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  1. Hi am thinking of making a companion I have a 3D model but how do I make it skeleton for it?
  2. yes this helped alot but when I remove a line this is what happened is there something I am missing?
  3. Do I just copy this code here into my script or? list numbers = [3, "three", 2, "two", 1, "one"]; default { state_entry() { llOwnerSay(llDumpList2String(numbers, ",")); // Object: 3,three,2,two,1,one integer index = llListFindList(numbers, [2]); if (index != -1) { numbers = llListInsertList(numbers, [2.5, "two and a half"], index); llOwnerSay(llDumpList2String(numbers, ",")); // Object: 3,three,2.500000,two and a half,2,two,1,one } } }
  4. I would like to center everything in the middle and move the date up under the word of scheduled server maintenance the loading..... at the end of logged in past 60 days am i able to get rid of that I did change it from 60 to 30 days
  5. with now playing with the script I now have this but I have three qestions for you am I able to enter the text down and center it? and at the top of updated I wanted to have text that would say second life grid status? what is the script for this? just after the 06- 24T13:40:11.126192Z am i able to remove this? I am slow but surely understanding scripting
  6. I got that correct but now nothing comes up on the board when i clicked save that is what happened
  7. do you mean something like this or am i doing it wrong?
  8. i know I am using this forum alot but this just looks strange I hate asking a stupid qestions but its the only way for me to learn I really wish that there was a scripting class in second life I am not sure why this bracket is showing an error
  9. thjanks for helping me so much I donno what I would do
  10. ok I was able to fix my problem I messed up the script somehow now it works but the problem is the board is not showing the full text only the end of the text is there a type of script that will fix this?
  11. now it says name define within scope I take it i need to enter link this display string and what do I link it too?
  12. that was an error even without the closing line i still get the error
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